Quest Pin Button

  • Hi. I wonder if it is possible to add a "pin button" for quests that you would like to prioritize.

    This will be helpful especially when you are doing repeat quests.

    It takes a lot of time just to check where it is, scrolling back and forth. ;(

    But if you are able to "pin" it. You know where to look for. It is always on the top.

    It's helpful, is it not?



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  • +1 ...nice idea!

    I think this can be an helpful option to organize the levelling and for all those players who don't want to deal with every quest available but rather focus only on some specific ones

  • I love this idea. +1

    Another idea could be a separate tab/filter for repeats, daily quests, epic quests, etc. so you only see the quests in specific types, but definetely something that organizes/keeps them separate from other quests.

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  • I really like this idea. Prioritize quests. It would also be nice if you had transparent quest info on the right side of the screen that can be dropped down