• Hi All,

    I remember playing this games almost 10 years ago ( late 2008, early 2009) when it was under Outspark. I remember the community was so nice and help. I haven’t play the game since and I’ve always had an itch to come back to it. I loved playing as the Cleric class. Is it the same nostalgic feel from almost 10 years ago? Is there still a big community for this game?

  • The community has died down a bit but it's still as great as ever I find! I played around 2009 myself and just came back a bit over a month ago! Give it a try and join the server Isya. That has the most players. If you need help you can also join the academy The_Rebellion and we try to help out as much as possible! ^^ Send me a message if you need anything else!

  • Well the community has definitely shrank compared to the OS days. I myself has played the game since beta back on 2006. Comparing now and before it is much easier to get a char to prestige levels. When you do come back you should definitely join a good academy.

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  • Another old player here, and somewhat confused since so many server merges and leaks and whatnots have happened. Is there still an EU server, of any language? I couldn't find any official info about any of the merges, or closing of EU english servers. There's a gamigo page for it, but the link to its forum leads here. Can't find any notion of closing whole EU side either. Some google results suggest moving EU accounts to NA wasn't possible and they were just lost and accounts are gone too. Some others say their chars were recovered by request. There was also talk about some migration tool that would allow players to transfer between servers, but it had been postponed some-year. What actually happened?

    - Which server did Outspark Teva characters merge to?
    - Where did all the EU characters/accounts go?
    - Can an old character be recovered, if the account still exists?
    - Is there, or was there ever a migration option for characters impacted by forced server merges/closures?
    - Why are the store prices so cheeky now, and the selection so small?

  • Welcome back Lycaria.

    The EU server(s) still exist, however there is no English version of the EU version. If you were playing on EU EN, you will still be able to find your SC items in any of the other 3 EU servers (DE, FR, ES). You can find them by logging into en.gamigo.com and finding Fiesta Online Europe under mygamigo tab or one of these: German: fiesta.gamigo.com/de

    French: fiesta.gamigo.com/fr

    Spanish: fiesta.gamigo.com/es

    Fiesta NA (English): fiesta.gamigo.com

    For the forums, you can change your language in your general settings (find general settings by clicking your profile icon) to see the appropriate language server forum posts.

    This is a new forum, just opened last year, so you won't find much past information here unfortunately. The EU EN servers closed some time ago and any characters/items/data from there is now gone. Your EU account still remains. At the time it closed, users from EU EN had the choice to move their characters to another EU servers, however that opportunity is now gone.
    It is not possible to move from EU to NA servers due to inconsistencies between the two versions.

    In the NA servers, we had a server merge over 4 years ago, however there was a lot of issues and a lot of accounts were blocked or were missing characters or items. Some people had duplicate characters after the merge. Due to the issues, any server migration tool was discontinued, and anyone who had missed the merge had their account blocked and had to send a ticket to recover it.

    - Which server did Outspark Teva characters merge to?

    They are on the Fiesta NA [English] version of Fiesta. Your characters are probably scattered on these 3 servers: Pagel, Jenira, Isya

    Your characters were assigned randomly to these servers if you missed merge.

    - Where did all the EU characters/accounts go?

    If you had an EU EN character, it is now gone. Your account still exists and you can access it on the gamigo page, and log into any of the other EU servers (DE/FR/ES)

    - Can an old character be recovered, if the account still exists?

    Possible, but unlikely depending on how old it is. Items are less likely to be recovered.

    - Is there, or was there ever a migration option for characters impacted by forced server merges/closures?

    Each server merge/closures offered a chance to choose which server to move to for a limited time. A manual server transfer tool was sold in the store as a test before, however this was discontinued years ago. There is currently no migration option.

    - Why are the store prices so cheeky now, and the selection so small?I'm not sure what you mean, but NA item shop was changed to be more similar to the EU item shop. Items in store are rotated and you can suggest what you'll like to see in the

    suggestion thread: https://fiesta.gamigo.com/forum/index.php?thread/236-your-voice-counts-suggestions-for-the-itemshop/.

    Best Wishes,


  • Is it the same nostalgic feel from almost 10 years ago? Is there still a big community for this game?

    Been playing nonstop since March/April 2008, if you loved the game by then, you will still love it now, despite all the changes; the basis is still the same.

    The community is smaller now, since the new players are not enough to replace the ones that gradually quit; basically, Isya is the only real active server atm, where everybody from other servers restarted once those started to gradually die.

    You will probably restart from zero, so my advice is: start making money fast, by joining an academy with high rewards; not going to recommend any (trying to be impartial here), but if you up to follow my advice, follow these steps:

    *) Make a temporary char (to delete latter or keep just for storage purposes);

    *) Go to a Guild Manager NPC (Roumen, Elderine, Uruga – yes, lvl 1 can go to Uruga using teleport gate) and check Guild Academy rankings to see what are the top acads (usually those are the ones that give best rewards and/or have more active members);

    *) Ranking is reset every week (late Thursday or early Friday, not sure) to 0 points; if the rank was recently reset, you won’t have an accurate idea, so check the final ranking from previous week);

    *) Take note of the names of top acads;

    *) Use that char to join one of the acads and check the rewards, take note of those;

    *) You can only join another acad 1 hour after you left one, so delete (or not) the char and, in any case, make a new char to join another acad and check the rewards for those;

    *) Keep doing that until you decide what academy to join.

    Final advices to make/not waste money:

    *) Don’t spend money on enhanced stuff until L60, everything is much easier now;

    *) Don’t waste time with production skills, there are lots of alternate ways ppl can get pots, scrolls, etc. (or maybe just go stone maker for your personal use);

    *) Enhance everything to +3 (jewels included – now nothing breaks before +3, despite it can downgrade) to make you a bit stronger till L60, when I recommend you start investing some of the money you saved till then on good gears.

    Anything else, feel free to ask and, If you choose an active acad, you will eventually get there any other advices you need; if not, just ask here.

    Welcome back!

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    Thank you for the reply. While I was hunting for this info, I saw quite a lot of people on other sites talking about their good memories of the game and wondering if they should or could play again. Maybe making a post with this info could help others wondering the same thing? Or like a timeline/history of sorts.

    All those links to EU redirected me to the NA page, had to log out on the website before I could see any of them. Thanks agai, although since EU chars are gone, that's no longer relevant.