Not getting notifications about skin durability

  • Hello y'all!

    I was wondering, is there anyone else here having the same issue as me? I don't receive the message of the skin durability, neither do I get a mention about the skin breaking.

    Maybe I'm just bugged or maybe there's a technical issue.

    Thanks! :)

  • I don't experience this issue (also cause at the moment my skins durability is still high and safe) but if you broke your skin and the warning notice messages did not appear to you, then Gamigo should restore it back due to its security system failure and not due to player's faults.

    I think they should have the means to check that via logs to see what happened, though, shouldn't even be necessary since no one would ever break their skin intentionally.

    I'm sorry this happened to you and I guess once again this is one more reason for which Gamigo needs to consider to change the weapon/shield skins to be non-equippable once durability hits 0 instead of breaking them.

    Players pay to much these gambling systems and there should be an extra care for those special items to be safely preserved.

  • Last week caught shield on like few hundreds of dura while i was in CoC

    Nearly fainted... And yes there was no notice what so ever... Now it is on low as well... Still no notice. I can record or ss ot whatever if you think it will help.

    I hope they refund your skins cause its just thing to do. This is absolutely not your fault. At minimum there should have been maint notice about warning system being removed. Simce there wasnt one im assuming its a bug not a feature.

    Good luck.

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  • I already lost more then 1 skin, both in Pagel and in Isya (last one less then one month ago). Not sure if last time there was a warning or not, but the first time this happened I reported it to Gamigo (or was it Outspark? whatever…), saying the alert system was, on one hand, very annoying, when we start getting constant alarms at 25%, witch is ridiculous on a 25K durability skin but, on the other hand, when it gets near 0%, the alarms are the same (the rolling text on bottom right that meanwhile we got used to ignore because it started to alert us too soon). So, even if the alarms are working, it should be much clearer when reaching near 0%, because when we are focused on hard raids (that usually take some time and lots of skin points), we don't waste time looking at the messages text. The alarm should be much more obvious and impossible to ignore, like a sound alert or a pop-up window on the middle of the screen.

    On a side note, I always hated the way skins were implemented and still work: people need to waste a ton of money to get random skins they don’t need until they finally get the one they want (lots of times even getting repeated skins that we already got on the same session). But hey, we will eventually get it, so… why do we need to keep paying (repair) to be able to use it?

    Make a choice:

    Make it hard/expensive to get, but once you get it, its yours forever with no extra costs;


    Make it easy/cheap to get, but then you need to pay if you want to keep using it!

    Please don’t be greedy…