Quest help for Gamigo Party quests - seeking Teacups and Pictures of Corgys

  • I'm doing the Gamigo Party quests:

    1. Dancing Yeti - need 10 Teacups - Reward: Permanent Gamigo Party Yeti

    2. A practical dance floor for your home - need 10 Pictures of Corgys - Reward: Permanent Gamigo Dance Party Floor

    The thing is, I've searched everywhere I can think of, but I can't find the monsters I need to kill to get the Teacups and Pictures of Corgy. Can someone here point me in the right direction? Thank you in advance!

  • OH! So the quests are daily quests and I get ONE teacup and ONE picture of corgy PER DAY! No wonder I couldn't find my targets on any of the maps anywhere! :S

    Thanks so much, I_HEAL! <3

  • You have to do the 2 daily quests from Mina (glitter dust from mini greenkies and mushroom heads from fire mushrooms). Complete those to get a teacup and a picture of a corgi. Repeat for 10 days to finish the quests from Alois :)