Combine 10% skins idea.

  • I was thinking if it's viable and also what would players think if it was possible to combine 2 of the same kind ( 2 bows for example ) skins ( 10% ) to a 20% one, exacly like the mover upgrade. This way we get to choose from larger variety of skins to upgrade

  • No. Rates on 10% skin boxes, based from my exp, are much higher for skins.

    Normal lucky box regularly has a x8-10 special and getting a 20% skin isn’t nearly as hard as it was in the past.

  • This is a terrible idea we already have too much damage multiplier we dont need more. The mere idea is like asking for 300% charms, so that is a big no.

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  • Aerro What's too OP? there already 20% skins in the game, we just need bigger variety.

    Nekkame as I said there are already 20% skins, as you already know, so what do you mean ''we already have too much damagfe multiplier". Im just saying to be able to make yourself 20% skins diffrent than Bd

  • Not sure why people are against this so hard? The suggestion isn't to make skins more powerful, he/she just wants the old 10% skins to be useful. Everyone who actively raids or pvps already has a 20% skin since every skin released since DB are 20% including some skin re-introductions as 20% like NB.

    As someone that has OS-era 10% skins that are useless relative to the 20% ones, I'm fine with this. We might even see people running around with a wider variety of skins other than DB 90% of the time.

    EDIT: Aerro The suggestion isn't to make skins +5, the mover upgrade comparison was just in relation to combining. He/she is only asking for 20% total.




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  • they should have an ingame way of farming a transmog for skin.

    Skin over skin lel

    kind of long and limited way of farming, kind of like Advent event quest back during christmas, but not that tedious.

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  • Also what are the chances of winning a DB on lucky boxes? I think we are supposed to know with the new regulations about loot boxes and stuff, because that's straight up gambling.. spent 20k not even a skin xDDD

  • Aerro Nope, I don't even know why you assumed that. I planned to spent 20k and did, got nothing which is really disappointing. Before a 4ish years on a x2 day, I had spent 25k and got nothing as well, that was the last day I touched the game. I came back before a week to realize it's still the same.

    I don't know, 20% skin is essential if you want to be the best, and pretty disappointing that you have to spent a fortune on lucky boxes with hidden and shady chances on winning, I really doubt at this point that the x10 is true, at least for it's not for me, also heard about a guy who spent about 50k and guess what, no skin.

    I really wish the implement something diffrent on how you get skins, or until law bans loot boxes.

  • Honestly I try it once about every six months, and only on a crossbow specific box. I feel if I am going to get lucky it will be on the first try, and not worth a second try if I am not lucky. I do not believe you need a 20% skin to be the best unless you are trying to be the best PvP character. Even then there is only one best, so not everyone with a 20% skin is the best. Good Luck, and enjoy the game.

  • Honestly good idea, first try it is. Yeeah, was talking about pvp, that's the 'end game' for me, and 20% is a big deal. thank you, gl n hf too :)