Attendance glitch?

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    The attendence is supposed to give you a ticket to start a quest honeysilent, but the only thing it gave me was that, and old rewards give tickets but not new ones, i dont know if its correct or a glitch :/


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  • I've opened a box pre-attendance rework (the 1 day one) and I got 10 floatation stones.

    I've made the attendance for today on the same character to test it out, and once I got the check in and the reward meant for today, I still got 10 floatation stones out the "new" box.

    Definitely the attendance didn't get updated in its new boxes and some of the old ones are giving new rewards when they're not supposed to.

    Also I believe there should be 2 attendance quests (at least what files shows) that are still missing in the quest list.

    I hope Gamigo can sort out this one honeysad

  • Same thing as well! 10 Floatation stones! At least now I know I just have to be logged on and don't have to go to an npc to pick up the quest and all that cause that would of been annoying.

  • :D 1 tamps per days 4 years for 12xx tamps?

    would be nice if tamps random drop from mobs

    would be awesome if 3 kind of enhance bundles red blue yellow stone can buy from the new npc aswell

  • No wonder why we all felt it as glitch, the patchnotes on NA are missing some relevant informations (I had to ask to a player from DE and I figure out that their patchlog is a lot more clear and filled with details!)

    This is a google translate version, but I am sure it can answer many questions:


    So we are getting Floatation cause out of one week of attendance, we only get 2 scrolls, and not one everyday, which means some of the old items rewards are still the same honeysilent

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  • OMG Cupcake! thank you very much for getting that information!! queenlovequeenlovequeenlove

  • my ancient/parchment scrolls after emergency maintenance had gone. will they ever retrieve that?

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  • Day 1 attendance box = 10 flotation stones

    Day 2 attendance box = ancient wanderlust parchment (complete quest from Seria to get 10 attendance stamps)