[Info] Server Down Issues

  • Shawn_V01 Maybe you should read the patch logs? Servers have been noticeably stable since that patch.

  • That so?

    Ive been d/c’n left and right and the login takes forever.

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  • Hi

    Since the patch I can't get into ANY server

    Rephrase that -

    When I first tried to log in after Patch I kept getting an error saying the Launcher wasn't working so I downloaded it again. Ran through all the updates - fine

    Now I can get into EVERY server but cant activate ANY character. I click on the character, it starts opening then the game crashes completely

    I don't know what it is with Patches but I frequently have to fully re-install or it also comes up with XXX.bin not found and I have to hunt for that specific .bin file and copy it into my directory.

    Now it won't let me select any characters!!!

    Think I'm gonna give up buying Premium stuff because I end up losing out on loads with virtually 50% of the Patches!!!

    Anyone else having these issues or is it just me?

  • All games is laggy plus i've got alot of disconect if you wanna people play the game fix the server i join to kkp when the map was loading i've got disconect and i can't enter on game for a few minutes i use to play the game ages agoo no problems on servers if you fix these issues plenty of people will come to play i hope you gonna fix it soon Thanks

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