[Info] Server Down Issues

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    Hey Isyans,

    this is a thread we would love to see completely empty, but unfortunately, we have to face reality.

    Please use this thread sparingly, and only for complete server outages, single map outages, ongoing disconnects (more than an hour) or severe, ongoing lags (more than an hour).

    In order for us to be able to go to work quickly and with an understanding of the issue, we would like you to give us as much information on the following points as possible:

    • Server Name
    • Map Name
    • Character Name
    • Server Date and Time
    • More information about the conditions:
      • What were you doing in the game prior to the issue?
        (Examples: opening inventory/storage, putting on an item, attacking a mob, etc.)
      • How long was your current play session?
      • How often were you disconnected during that time?
      • What kind of issue/disconnect was it?
        (If you were able to see what happened on the screen, how did it stop working and discontinue? Did you get an error message? Was the client shut down completely?)
      • Were you the only one experiencing this issue or issues in general?
        (If not, see if you can find out what other players experienced and add it to your report)
      • Was your PC doing anything else when the issue occurred?
        (Were you surfing the web, streaming a video, installing other software, recording your screen, etc.)
      • If you can reproduce the error, or of you have the time to do it, take a picture of the issue or the experience, or a video if a picture does not show what happened

    Posts that do not contain the full basic information or are aimed at starting a discussion or a flame war will be deleted without comment.

    It is possible that we will temporarily close this thread when working on an issue that many players report and/or when we post an update about such an issue so that we can differentiate between issues and you have time to read about our update. Should you have additional information for us during that time, please contact your CM or GM team and let them know.

    If you all start using this thread, we hope to be able to see patterns or connections that will help us find the solution more quickly.

    Thank you for your help


    Your Fiesta Online Team

    • Server Name Ysia
    • Map Name anymap
    • Server Date and Time Anytime
    • More information about the conditions:
    • ever time i go in KQ i got disconnect on loading screen :( this sucs, have abou 4 in 4 hours slime kq, and i cant enter most time :(
    • Server Name Isya
    • Map Name All maps
    • Character Name Every player has those issues
    • Server Date and Time today, started around 4:30am server time I think
    • More information about the conditions:

    Frequent dcs for everyone, doesn't matter where they are and what they did, it happens to the whole server.

  • Server Name: Isya

    Map Name: Elderine

    Character Name: Dr_in_The_House & LordLeg0las

    Server Date and Time: 20:30 GMT - 18/08/2019

    More information about the conditions:

    - Dr_in_The_House - vending on Elderine steps - Just hit attendance time and opened attendance screen DC occured at this time. Unable to login to account now

    - LordLeg0las - Logged in to account and character screen, message said map under maintenance (Concealed Prison 1st Floor), second attempt it connected to server and disconnected from world server immediately 3 times in a row.

    - Presently unable to connect to the server at all to even login to an account.
    - Streaming a video at time, task manager open and no issues with resource usage or availability

    Kind Regards


    • Server Name Isya
    • Map Name All maps
    • Character Name different players from different countries with different accounts
    • Server Date and Time 21/08/2019 started around 10:20 still occuring
    • More information about the conditions:
      • multiple dcs every few mins
  • All games is laggy plus i've got alot of disconect if you wanna people play the game fix the server i join to kkp when the map was loading i've got disconect and i can't enter on game for a few minutes i use to play the game ages agoo no problems on servers if you fix these issues plenty of people will come to play i hope you gonna fix it soon Thanks

  • Server name: Isya

    Map Name: Uruga

    Character name: Miler

    Server date and time: Starting 26-8-2019

    More information about the conditions: For some reason got multiple disconnections while trying to vend.

    - just disconnected again. this makes 3 times within 1 hour, never happened to me before.

  • Server name: Isya

    Map Name: Every Map

    Character name: WickedBeauty

    Server date and time: 9/1/2019 7:28

    More information about the conditions: Everytime I go to move to a different I get disconnected within a few seconds of loading in. I've been disconnecting every 3- 5 minutes no matter what map I'm on

    • Isya
    • All maps
    • KorainLorain
    • The last 3 hours
    • More information about the conditions:
      • Every time I walk through a gate or try to make scrolls I get disconnected
      • 10-12 times with in 3 hours about every 10-15 minutes
      • I got a couple of different error codes, "disconnected from server", " disconnected from world server" and " An unidentified error code has ccurred.: 82"
  • - Server Isya

    - 02/14/2020 - 08:20 pm GMT +1

    - Europe - France

    Still can't connect to Isya server


    Logged in : 08:42 pm GMT +1

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  • Isya


    NA server

    Stuck on server select screen or char screen. Got into game once. went thru gate dc'd from game. Havent been able to log back in since.

    • Server Name Isya
    • Map Name All maps
    • Character Name: all chars n all accounts
    • Server Date and Time today, right after the extra maintenance
  • Server name: Isya

    Map Name: Any

    Character name: N/a

    Server date and time: 2020-02-14 20:05 GMT -g

    More information about the conditions: Unable to proceed into Isya server, stuck at server selection screen for 25 minutes