[FAQ] How to Write a ticket to support

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    You have a request or question about your account, a technical issue, or a problem with purchasing slime coins?

    If that's the case, our support is looking forward to helping you! This guide will help you submit a ticket in a few, easy steps:

    1. Click on "Support/FAQ" on the Fiesta homepage (or simply go to support.gamigo.com/)
    2. Make sure you have selected "English (US)" in the top right corner next to the "Sign In"-Button and then proceed to click on the button that will allow you to submit a ticket for non-Glyph games (you can see the Fiesta logo in the button)
    3. On the following page, you will have to answer a few questions that will help us understand how we can help you. Be sure to read on to see exactly what you have to do.

    • Your email address
      Please enter your correct eMail address, as answers from support will go to that eMail address.
    • What Type Of Issue Do You Have?
      • Account Deletion
        If you wish to close your account, choose this option; we will always send a confirmation request before deleting accounts
      • Account Issues
        If you can not log in any more, or have any other issues with your account, choose this topic
      • GM Services
        Any questions or requests related to in-game activities can be sent here. In addition, you can apply for the position of GM with this option
      • In Game Issues
        If you experience any issues that are not caused by outside influences (like a poor internet connection), choose this topic
      • Payment Problem
        Choose this for any purchasing or payment issues
      • Report a Player
        Fiesta Online is a place where everyone is supposed to feel welcome. If you feel that other players do not believe in this credo, be sure to record your screen or take screenshots so that you can show us exactly what happened
    • Gamigo Group Games
      Choose Fiesta Online from this pull-down menu.
    • Subject
      Choose a title that lets us know in a few words what the core issue or topic of your request is.
    • Description
      This is the place where you can freely describe what happened or what you need. Please be sure to include as much information as you can to make it easier for us to find a solution, e.g.
      • Name the character if it is about anything character-specific or happened while you used a particular character
      • Name the server and the region or map if it is something that happened in-game
      • Give us all the relevant dates and times for anything that happened
      • ...and any other relevant data you can think of that might help us help you better
    • Transaction Number
      If you have received a transaction number from us, whether through a support answer or another way, please add it here for ease of reference
    • Attachments
      Here you can add any screenshots or videos that you have recorded that will help you explain what has happened

    It is possible for initial ticket response to take up to three days, and a solution or further investigation of your ticket up to a week, depending on the issue.

    Please be sure to send only one ticket per issue or question and wait for a response. For further information, don't hesitate to ask a GM.


    Your Fiesta Online Team

  • This is not accurate. I cannot choose Fiesta as a choice... only Gamigo. When asked for what kind of support help... I have a problem with a glitch in my game and the only choices relate to account changes, like passwords, hacked accounts, purchase issues, appeals and such, or deletion, which is NOT what i want to do... How do i file a ticket to get a glitch fixed. My specific problem is in my 60 job change quest. The game will let me pick up "Time and Space 3" which gives me a Space Time Lithograph and SHOULD take me into the quest to complete but I remain in Rouman and it does not take me into the next step.

    What do i do now???