Thoughts on: Increase raidbosses hp/defense to follow the "new" defense debuffs.

  • What is your opinion: Do you think it's a good thing certain raid bosses are now quite simple to defeat? 12

    1. Yes (5) 42%
    2. No (7) 58%

    The Bash-debuff is great, not quareling with that.

    That being said, raidbosses such as ML (HC) and HG(HC) (probably most raid bosses), is now much easier to kill.

    Well that's great right?

    In my opinion, no. Raid bosses are supposed to be hard to kill, and now with the right debuffers it's ridicolously easy to get it done.

    At this rate it's just too simple to kill, as the defense or hp has not been adjusted to fit new debuffs. (To my knowledge at least..)

    I propose to rise the hp and/or defense of such bosses, so that it remains a challenge to complete/win a raid.

  • To be honest your poll is a loaded question. As the bosses haven't got more 'simple' to defeat. They're now quicker to beat that doesn't

    necessarily correlate to simplicity. You still need a good unit of players to clear that content (ref hcml here).

    Also, the bosses you refer to are old content so really they should get easier to beat with time. Though when you think about it in a way they are harder than it use to be since: you could remove the hcml debuff via leaving the map & hcml was soloable @ 125/115 cap with max buff bug.

    I do think its a wonderful idea holy knights can get another element of play which helps the parties overall dps/speed of runs.

    Would be nice to get some more challenging content @ the end game.