How to solve the problem of afks in the KQs

  • I do not know why but I think it's time to do something with people who come to the KQ to stay afk and earn coins with the hard work of others doing nothing and I think it's something that bothers us and It has affected all of us who played this game for many years now.

    Some solutions that I have in mind:

    1. Add an activity or movement detector in the KQs, so if you are inactive for more than 3 minutes you are removed from the KQ.

    2. Add an option to remove inactive people from the KQ by means of votes but that this can only be activated if the person has more than 3 minutes inactive.

    3. Add a penalty system that does not allow you to enter the KQ if you stayed more than once afk, the first time will be for a week and if you meet your penalty and repeat this again the penalty will be for one month, but if you do it a third time it will result in a permanent ban.

    Well, this is just how I and some people think this afk problem should be fixed now and forever.


    Everyone's friend Envi queenlove

  • Seems like a good idea. :thumbup:

    Although, they should also fix those stupid glitches players have been using to avoid receiving damage and some other glitches. SMH... :rolleyes:


    Watch your mouth sunshine

  • I do not like the idea of perma ban nor votes. We tried the voting and it got out of hand. Also with perma bans, what if someone is caring for an elder or baby and they think they will have time for a round of KQ because the person they are taking care of is entertained or napping or something but then the person wakes up or needs unexpected help immediately. Permanently banning someone who is just trying to help their family seems wrong.