A Few Questions Regarding Slime Coins

  • Hi there, sorry if this is the wrong spot for this but I saw the voucher code FAQ and figured this is the best spot for me to ask my questions.

    First off I recently got an Amazon gift card and noticed they still offer SC on Amazon but the amounts were off, so if I were to buy $100 worth through Amazon would I get the full 99k that's shown on gamigo's site or just the 70k as listed on Amazon?

    The other question is, is it even legit buying through Amazon? Does gamigo still support purchases through Amazon?

    And then finally, if I go that route of buying through Amazon, can I still get that free Ramy you get for buying $50 or more in SC?

  • I believe the numbers are off because the cash shop recently got updated CLICK HERE to see

    Not sure if the system reads “slime coins purchased”(you get what amazon states) or “dollars purchased”(you get the amount of SC that gamigo’s equation gives you depending on the $ you spent)

    that is a question you would have to directly ask Zao through PM or through this thread.

    The legitimacy of amazon... i would guess it would be just like buying karma koin. I honestly have not tried buying from amazon because i honestly think you get more through the cash shop than through the amazon cards(even before the update). But that’s just my personal preference.

    About the free mount... i could be wrong, but i think it’s only when the “event” pops up in the forums is when you get a free mount per certain amount of SC purchased. They change up which one you get every now and then.

  • Hello Aella_The_Azure,

    Thank you for your question, we are looking into it. The discrepancy is due to the recent update, however I have yet to confirm if you will receive the same amounts as offered in game shop. In addition, I am not sure if your country offers amazon giftcards as an option. It likely will if you can see an Amazon option on the payment section of the SC purchasing page. I will let you know when I find out more.

    As for the free mount, if you purchase SC during the correct promotional time frame, you should also receive the mount. Keep in mind the delivery of the mount may be slightly delayed.

    Happy Gaming,