Mr.Yawn your presence has been requested.

  • Yawn Hi Mr.Yawn. Your presence has been requested on this thread to clarify some occurrences of the past couple of days and I thought it would only be fair if I explained over a cup of nice morning tea. Do do join me and have a seat.

    You may have many questions at this point so let me explain.

    Why this thread? ... Over the last couple of days you have made me realize that it is not fair to the general population for me to clutter general discussion posts with my threads like the one I made requesting transfer of an item. ... Hence I'm making this post on the deepest darkest corners of this forum page .. the off topic category .. that no one (including the GMs) reads.

    Next do give me a chance to validate my actions.... You had asked me why I would not send a ticket directly instead of making a thread.... We'll to be quite Frank... Because I was waiting for the ticket system to evolve and maybe you missed the recent GM Zao's memo under the announcements section but the ticket support system will (in Zao's words) soon be "evolving".. I only felt it would be fairer to use it after it had evolved.

    So my friend just wanted to clarify some of those things with you cause you were coming at me with a GM like ferocity the other day ( if you aren't in fact working for gamigo ... Which I think you are due to your unwaivering support for them.. from what I've seen... Could be wrong and the fact that I have 0 idea who u are in game which is also suspicious (mind telling me who all ur chars are in game if uve got the courage) .. but ya that is that just wanted to get some things out of the way.

    Oh and I also see that you visited my profile on June 24 2019.... now why would u find the need to do that??? .... very suspicious... very

    Finally remember, just like in chess I stay a couple of steps behind my opponent until the very end. #Unexpect The Expected

    - Average is fine, I am NOT a loser

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  • 22 hours in this thread has accomplished it was made for ... to remain hidden away in the deepest darkest parts of the web.

    ...Still hoping for Mr.Yawn to somehow come across this thread written personally for him

    - Average is fine, I am NOT a loser

  • Before we start I will take that cuppa white with two sugars.

    I thank you for making the thread in the appropriate section. I have read your below statement but I am left quite perplexed at the chronology of events; and what you are trying to imply:


    Your thread was made on the 21st of June (last Friday) & Zao’s announcement of said evolution of tickets wasn’t posted until Tuesday the 25th as evidenced:

    [Info] Ticket System Migration

    When I look at the time order of what you are trying to imply I can only conclude that you:

    Have the ability to time travel or


    I suppose the last & most likely option is you are talking absolute nonsense. Though if the reason for your post was due to the first two factors outlined do get in touch as I would love this weekend winning lottery numbers!

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    It is clear you are upset that gamigo have a standard set of policies when dealing with customers. All I did was give you the clear and correct information based from my previous interactions with gamigo as a customer ;along with what has been outlined on the forums by official staff members.

    What I find quite concerning is why you feel as a customer above the rest of the general populace. You're quite the self aggrandizing narcissist. Then to try and call me out on a public thread? For telling you no you aren't above the rest of us. Ok.

    As for your comments about me and my relations to gamigo going to stop you there since that is ludicrous going by your logic all the other forumers who sided with me must 'conspire/work' for gamigo also. Guess it wouldn't have occurred to you that the gm agree'd with me on the basis that I had given you the correct information ? It isn't my problem I knew the right info & a GM merely confirmed this.

    Think I've covered all your points though if you actually understand what I am saying is an entirely different situation. Wonder what the rest of the general population think. Lol.

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  • Gifs .... (they do complement the post don't they ... much needed)

    You see if you can comment about me regarding a matter that did not concern you in the slightest... then at least allow me the grace to do the same

    Time travel or top secret intra-gamigo connections we will never know but we do know that the ticket system has to evolve or has already evolved so it would have been counterintuitive to send in a ticket before said change.

    You say that I believe i'm above everyone? You could very well make that point but to that I would add "In what sense", I believe that old players of this game who are still active, perhaps even since outspark times and their accounts are still active and they are known active players, then yes gamigo as a company should listen to what these people have to say and perhaps even make changes in game based on some of the suggestions of these players (so in that sense yes, older players of a game should/could possibly have a higher voice in in-game decisions in some circumstances and thats only fair ... if you consider that above anyone else then you can). Ideally gamigo personally should be the one proactively trying to contact these people for game help and asking them what they would like implemented in game etc and old accoutns that are still active should be given special items like permanent stuff etc... based on the years of activity of the account etc....

    ... It is when gamigo as a company does not act proactively to have dialogue/support old players that we need to make public posts like the one I made requesting stuff like I did like a simple transfer of a statless item that I recieved from the capsules that u open when u reach a certain level... nothing more nothing less. And yet you for some reason feel the need to negate my thread and say nahh this will never happen, its against the rules, gamigo wont do that etc.... like sir you need to understand games dont work on negativity, no situation in life gets better with negativity. Its a simple request and it has a simple solution (or at least should).

    I understand that for some personal grudge that you hold against me u dont want me to have a statless item transferred between two chars of the same account but it should never have been this way.

    - Average is fine, I am NOT a loser

  • Hello GravesDisease,

    Keep in mind that Yawn was not the only one to mention items will not be moved. This policy was created to limit tickets of that kind to allow for more time for more important issues.

    We will not be transferring Sc items across characters, not even for accidental removal from Sc box. The only item which will be moved (per ticket request) is a full durability weapon/shield skin.

    On another note, (for everyone) please do not @gms and mods on the forums. If you need something from a certain one we have a PM function on the forums, also called conversation.

    Thank you for your understanding,


  • Not sure why thats the case but what can i say. If i controlled the game we would have no problem transferring perm items across chars, dosent seem that difficult of a thing to do.

    Thanks for replying at least.

    - Average is fine, I am NOT a loser