Why hate brown?

  • I love this game. I've been playing it for almost a decade, and I STILL don't have a normal shade of brown for my character's hair. Also, whyyy can't our characters have brown or tanned skin at all? Would it really be so hard to fix? I am white, so I'm represented. But...there's like half the population of the game that you're not representing. If I had to play a game where my character's skin could only be green, I'd be miffed bc I'm not green. You get my point. ;) I don't know what all goes into making a change like this, but I think it would be a lovely fix for the game.



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  • Oh, okay. Well, that sucks. :C With the server issues they're having tonight, I guess we've got bigger problems anyway. xD

  • i like brown and black skins myself, that's just shading really, darker red makes brown, darker white makes black, in fact i call white "faded". coding wise that does add some extra stuff to keep up, but heck, a lot of other stuff does it. i'm with light on this, but i...guess i get it?

    anyway +1 to Yolly for the suggestion. I've seen places sporting pink green red black and blue skins. in many games, brown is a staple, or standard, almost everything has it.

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  • In regard of the skin tone, there was a version who had more than one, but they were taken out because the client size became too large.

    With how Fiesta is set up, in order to have another skin tone would mean having to duplicate the look of every piece of visible armor/costume and faces with the skin tone.

    Many games have a specific color code that can easily be changed in another, but the problem with Fiesta is that we have nothing of the kind, everything is based on textures wrapped on 3D models.



    To change the tone of the skin, you will have to manually recolor the face texture along with the textures piece (s) that creates the dress:


    Consider that we have a folder for every gender+class and in each one of them you can find all the face related files, which means that you have to add textures for every face available in a total of 12 folders, (6 classes for female gender and 6 classes for male gender).

    As for the outfits, they are divided into different folders, "Male" and "Female", and each of these has two other sub-folders "AC" and "FC" (who stands for "archer + mage" and "fighter + cleric") and the latter two mentioned contain all game textures related to costumes, which are around 420 files per folder.

    Adding a new skin tone means that those folders and their files must be duplicated and manually adjusted by recoloring them with the new skin tone - and the process will have to be replicated for each new color you want to add in the game.

    For the in-game gears, you'll have to look in other specific folders and I won't go deep in the details - but I am sure you understand that doing this is not very practical and involves a lot of work to do as well as a considerable increase in the files affecting the client size.

    If having different skin tones is a complicated matter, on the other hand having new hair colors is something rather simple to implement, since hair colors are files shared between each class and gender. Here is the current list of colors available:


    You can try to suggest a palette of colors including some brown shades or any other color that you think should be added in Fiesta (I personally would love to see more brown tones too!)

    I think this could have a better chance of being implemented as it is certainly more feasible and people seem to love the customization aspect of this game (and I'm sure Gamigo wouldn't mind selling some more beauty coupons!) honeyhap

  • you here asking for color

    I been here still asking why i aint get my bald cut yet X/X/X/X/X/X/X/

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  • Makes a lot of sense. Doubling the client size would make Fiesta laggier than it already is. Maybe we can at least get more hair tones one day! slimetongue and um a bald cut too. xD