[Maintenance] 06/05/19 - Discussion

  • Quick casting:

    Image from Gyazo

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    Anyone else's launcher looking a bit off?

    Edit: Quick Casting option is an interesting feature. Would take a bit of time to get used to, but it would speed things up some.

    Hide attendance icon option works great

    Not sure what was wrong with Cross Counter, but then again I don't use that skill seeing it's PVP only.

  • My launcher is working just fine.

    Love the Quick Casting features, definitely improves the QOL.

  • Kentomaru My launcher looks just fine, though I did have issues with it updating to start with. Took 5 attempts but I got there! :)

    Maybe it has something to do with my screen resolution. I'm not to worried about it as long as I can click the launch button. Just wanted to point it out as before the update it looked normal, but now, well yeh the screenshot shows it.

  • I really like the new Quick Casting feature. From the classes I was able to test, it makes game play feel a lot more fluid for those who opt to use it. The Options window update, while trivial, does look nice. Also a fan of being able to hide the pesky little attendance icon and taking further steps to prevent skill exploitation. Overall not the most flashy weekly maintenance, but it is nice.


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  • Hey guys,

    I have gone through and cleared out some of the irrelevant and inappropriate comments.

    Please try to keep things civil and on topic :) It is supposed to be a community for everyone to enjoy.

  • @ minty, hover on a users name by their posts, available options will be to the right when the window pops up

    it'd be a shame to do that to each other, instead of just changing up our choice of words so as not to put even the most sensitive folks on the defensive. i consider myself less intelligent than most, so if i can manage to be nice to people, anybody can ^^

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