Player Spotlight

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    A while back, we held an event on Isya to determine the best PvP player on the server. After two days of hosting a Battle Royale and a series of One on One fights, the one who emerged on top was.... Malf!

    Here is our exclusive interview with the bearded Trickster.

    Interviewer: How does it feel to be the winner of the Battle Royale and the PvP Torunamet?

    Malf: Well you know, I never really lost faith in my Reaper Skills and it feels great. Glad Anime messed up his set switches and I got some good hits in.

    Interviewer: Were you worried at any point? Especially since you were fighting some of the regular PvP Players.

    Malf: Well, I knew I was the only Reaper there and I prepared ahead of time. Like 16 hours a day against very good players. I didn't tell anyone and when I made it to the finals, I was very confident. It was like a dojo and I had a mentor.

    Interviewer: Impressive! Is there anyone you would like to give a shout out to?

    Malf: Shout out to all of Negan guild. Universe, Arbiter, Grover, CaptainNegan, Arbiter and Arbiter... Negan Guild Forever! Sneakie too, he wanted to get in the shoutout.

    Interviewer: Okay, how about some general questions about yourself? How long have you played Fiesta?

    Malf: Well, like 2010 and as long as Amro. 105 Cap.

    Interviewer: Which is your favourite class to play so far?

    Malf: R.E.A.P.E.R

    Interviewer: Do you think the classes within the game are currently balanced?

    Malf: They mostly are, although there are things within each class that do need to be reworked, just to make PvP and such smoother.

    Interviewer: Name one thing you like and dislike about the game and what you would change about it.

    Malf: Hmm, that is a good question. Well I do like that you guys reworked the leveling system. What I dislike is that sometimes we can't really talk directly to the people who make the actually changes to the game.

    Interviewer: Now that we are coming to the end of the interview, allow me to ask: If we hosted this event again, do you think you can win again?

    Malf: Yeah, of course. It is a pretty good event. I would make some little changes, like making it impossible to have exterior interference.

    Interviewer: Is there anything you would like to suggest?

    Malf: You guys being able to set up exactly what dimensions of the map is PvP enabled. Maybe you don't have the tools for it right now, but it would be a thing that should be possible. Things like immediately handling people who interrupt, as well as cheaters. More Smoother transitions between the fights and being able to buff/scroll inside etc, etc.

    Thank you, Malf, for taking part in the event and congratulations on your victory!

    ~Your Fiesta Online Team

  • Often found on the forum or Discord helping people, Aerro was selected for her outstanding help for other players in both technical and in-game issues. Ever willing to help, many compliment her for being more helpful than the Game Masters! Hmm...

    We take a look at her thoughts on Fiesta in this interview.

    Interviewer: How long have you been playing Fiesta?

    Aerro: I have been playing Fiesta as Aerro since November 2009, I started off as Aerro_Splitter and that character is on Jenira now. After the merge I became a diva and reduced my name to the one name. I have a history before that, but I left my past behind when I joined Cypion server.

    Interviewer: What is your favourite thing to do in Fiesta?

    Aerro: I think my favorite thing to do in Fiesta right now is dancing, I am almost always doing Dance 4 in game. I also have a second favorite thing to do that is quite interesting, I like to hoard up rare items and take them out of circulation.

    Interviewer: Favourite hangout spot?

    Aerro: My spot is well known by many players, they see me there all the time. I love being at the top of the steps directly in front of Guard Captain Shutian. It is a nice spot because there are so many great players that also hang out around Shutian dancing, and almost everyone needs to go see him sometime. It is also probably the best place in the whole game to ask for a buff.

    Interviewer: Favourite outfit?

    Aerro: I do not really have a favorite outfit, because I like to mix and match pieces. I have been wearing the Gamigo GamesCom Party Shirt, the Earth Day Shorts, and the Summer Tribal Sandals a lot, but I also love the Summer Solstice dress that I had for thirty days.

    Interviewer: Gamigo currently has priority on class rebalance. Do you think the game is balanced?

    Aerro: I think the game can not ever be honestly and truly balanced. There are too many variables that makes me think if the game is balanced for PvE it will not be for PvP, and it would be the same the other way.

    Interviewer: What else would you like to see happen to your favourite class during this rebalance?

    Aerro: My favorite class is Archer/Ranger, and I can't think of anything I need. I am happy with the way they are now, because they are a lot more useful and playable than they were back in the early days.

    Interviewer: Attendance! The attendance rewards are currently still being reworked. Do you do attendance? Any thoughts on the system and the time frame it currently requires (30mins)?

    Aerro: I like the idea of attendance, and I do it on one character my mistake. I am in game anyway because I love Fiesta, and I end up getting attendance. I work a lot sometimes so if I dc I might miss a day or two, but I do not worry if that happens. I believe the 30 minutes for attendance is generous considering the time was cut in half, but I still feel bad for the people who have connection problems who have to start over if they blip out for a second. Maybe it could be accumulative time instead of constant time.

    Interviewer: Do you have a preferred type of event? What is it and why?

    Aerro: My preferred event would have to be the XO Field event where we pick a side and if you are on the wrong side you get eliminated. I prefer that one because it comes down to just luck. You do not have to be fast or smart so anyone could win.

    Interviewer: Name one thing about Fiesta you would like to change

    Aerro: I would like to change how in game rewards are delivered. I would like to see them all go to rewards inventory like some KQs do it. Instead of chests spawns at the end of an event I would like to see one or two chests sent to every participants reward inventory. That way everyone will get something instead of some players missing out totally.

    Interviewer: Are there any other games you play? Do they have some features would like to see Fiesta adopt from them?

    Aerro: I only play Fiesta right now, if I have time to play. One thing I have seen in another game before that I would like to see in Fiesta someday is a location set and recall item. You use the item to mark a spot of your choice and then you can go wherever you want, then when you want to go back you use the item to warp back to the marked spot.

    Interviewer: What would you like to see in the future of Fiesta?

    Aerro: There is a lot I would like to see in Fiesta's future. One big thing I would like to see is is a good plan for production skills and materials needed to make the items. Right now it feels like it is not thought out with plans for expansion. Another thing I would like to see is quest lines that provide enough exp to reach the next level with minimal use of repeats. I personally get bored doing the same thing over and over so much that I just stop trying to level. When the game gets to the point where it is not fun and feels like work I start feeling like I should get paid to keep playing.

    Interviewer: Anyone you would like to give a shout-out to?

    Aerro: I would just like to shout out to everyone in Isya. "Thank You for making my life in Fiesta great!" I have been lucky to be a part of this community, and I have met a lot of special people over the years.

    Interviewer: Do you happen to have a game tip for newbies?

    Aerro: If you are a new player or just making a new character always choose to do the tutorial so you can get the weapon and armor from it. I usually use that weapon up to level fifteen and the armor up to level twenty.

    Thank you, Aerro, for being a part of our Fiesta community!

    ~Your Fiesta Online Team

  • One of the Knighthood Of Isya, Neopolitan has chosen by popular vote as the player spotlight for October for her dedication to knightship, her ability to lead her guild in Guild Tournaments and the way she helps others in game as well as with her guides on youtube. Congratulations!

    Join us as we get to know her better in this interview.

    Interviewer: How do you feel about being nominated? Were you expecting to get the player spotlight?

    Neopolitan: I feel like I'm having my very own Vogue moment! I wasn't expecting it in the slightest, but thank you to those who nominated me. I hope it's everything you wished for and more.

    Interviewer: Why do you think you were chosen as player spotlight?

    Neopolitan: I try to stay active in the community on both the forums and YouTube. I'm really active in my current guild, Mythic, which has a large presence on the Isya server. But I think when most people see me or my name they see me as a knight and Guild Tournament advocate, because those are my passions when it comes to Fiesta and I'm vocal about them. I put my name out there a lot, so I think I'm well known in the community.

    Interviewer: How long have you been playing Fiesta?

    Neopolitan: I started around 2009 on the Legel server. I was the typical newbie with a hybrid mage build of every stat. I ended up quitting about 2 months in at level 105. I returned to Fiesta in 2017 and started fresh on the Isya server with my main, Neopolitan.

    Interviewer: What’s your favourite thing to do in Fiesta?

    Neopolitan: Guild Tournament! I think it's really fun getting your guild together to fight another guild in a tricky arena full of objectives, pvp, buffs, and debuffs. Guild Tournament puts a different flair on PvP with all the extra things that happen during the match, and I like how it requires a lot of teamwork and cooperation from everyone. The score can change in seconds, so you always have to be on your toes and never give up which is so exhilarating. It feels so cool when you win because the guild did it together and everyone is so happy and proud.

    Interviewer: Favourite hangout spot?

    Neopolitan: Up the stairs in Elderine by Guard Captain Shutian. There's always so many players there dancing, so it's like a mini dance party all the time. I almost always get a whisper from a player I don't know who has seen my YouTube videos or conversed with me on the forums which I think is really cool. Everyone in that area is just really nice and I always see a familiar face or meet someone new. It's a good place to find new players too, and it's nice to see them in Elderine having fun doing their quests. The Roumen fountain is a close second though.

    Interviewer: Favourite outfit?

    Neopolitan: I think my favorite costume would have to be the Honeying Sweater Set. Although when it's time for battle I'm almost always running around in a Yellow Dragon Costume, and for leisure I'm usually in my Blue V-Day. I also love the Villainous Mustache, it goes with everything. Although as of the time I'm writing this I'm still waiting for permanent arctic fox ears to match the tail.

    Interviewer: What’s your favourite class?

    Neopolitan: Knight! I almost always play the tank role in games, because I love defending other players and being an absolute wall. Honestly I really love playing the underdog classes that most people don't bat an eye at. Knights are so unique because they can use a shield + sword combination and a two-handed sword. The weapon options give the player different ways to build and play a knight making the class pretty versatile. No other class has this option, so it makes the class really enjoyable.

    Interviewer: Gamigo recently updated the attendance, what are your thoughts on the current attendance system and rewards?

    Neopolitan: I think it's great for those who have the time and the motivation to do the quests. I personally don't always have time for the quests, but those who do can reap the rewards pretty nicely. There are some nice items in the attendance vendor for just a little effort from the player.

    Interviewer: Any thoughts on class rebalance? Do you think the game is balanced?

    Neopolitan: I think class rebalance is getting there. There are still classes that dominate in PvE and/or PvP, making other classes unappealing to the masses. Some classes are getting buffed while their counterpart is not, so I think rebalance is making a clear distinction between class prestige's in terms of their playstyles and roles. There are great threads on the forum where players discuss rebalance changes and give ideas for the future; I would urge Gamigo to keep an eye on those threads and keep the suggestions in mind as they continue.

    Interviewer: What would you like to see happen to your favourite class?

    Neopolitan: I would love to see Knights have a more solidified role in PvE. It's nice to have a knight, but most groups would rather take a gladiator who can do the same exact job as a knight but deal more damage. There isn't a real need for knights, which is why I think there aren't many around. I hope one day that changes, because I hate seeing this class overlooked. On another note, I would love to see knights get some PvP skills/utilities (ex: gladiators have cross counter). Personally I think it would be fun if knights could aggro players in PvP.

    Interviewer: We’ve been told you mained a knight, even when the odds were against you. Would you like to comment on that journey?

    Neopolitan: When I started on Isya I knew I wanted to make a fighter because I enjoy farming. I wasn't sure if I wanted to be a gladiator or a knight, but quickly saw there were only about two active knights at cap. As I was leveling I had so many people try to convince me not to go knight, but I'm so glad I stuck with it! What made the journey to cap really fun was everyone who told me the things knights couldn't do, like hold aggro against gladiators. So as I was leveling I was learning the class and how to prove others wrong. I started to prove people wrong and it was pretty cool because they were starting to see knights a bit differently. Knights have gotten more respect in the past few months, but there's still a long way to go. Like I stated before I love playing the underdog classes for this reason because it really pushes me to try harder and get creative.

    Interviewer: We heard you are a Taylor Swift fan. Do you have a favourite song? Which song would you recommend to each of the GMs?

    Neopolitan: I. Love. Taylor. Swift. It's so hard to pick one favorite, it would have to be between I Knew You Were Trouble and I Did Something Bad. I would recommend Welcome To New York to Youko, End Game to Kuroneko, Out Of The Woods to Fangs and New Romantics to HoneyTeddy. I think after a long day of dealing with restless Isyans these songs would lift the GM's spirits!

    Interviewer: Do you have a preferred type of event? What is it and why?

    Neopolitan: I enjoyed the last event I participated in where we had to defend the princess. It was fun traveling through different maps defending her grace from mobs of monsters, and some were pretty tough. The banter the princess was having with the players also made it really fun.

    Interviewer: Do you have a tip for newbies?

    Neopolitan: Join an academy as soon as possible. You will get so much money and useful items as you level, but more importantly you will make friends. Guilds want new players and want to help them, so don't be afraid to speak up and ask questions. I think the best way to learn is to ask other players, and the more questions you ask the less mistakes you will make. Trust me, your sanity and bank account will thank you.

    Interviewer: Anyone you’ll like to give a shoutout to?

    Neopolitan: To all of the Mythic guild and my closest friends: Adverse, Aysha, Darkrai, Lithgow, Numb, Ohio, Persie, and Warpy. You're all lovely and I love you from the bottom of my heart.

    Interviewer: Lastly, we heard you made great videos, would you like to link us to one of them? Or feature them in the magazine?

    Neopolitan: Sure! I'll share two I think are pretty cool. This first one is of one of my favorite Guild Tournaments ever. This match was super exciting and fun, both sides fought really hard.

    This video refers back to something I talked about earlier which is tanking as a knight. So many people told me it was impossible, but here's video proof of a knight tanking at a Shaman Khazul raid! (I even forgot to switch my boots - oops!)

    Thank you, Neopolitan, for being a part of our Fiesta community!

    ~Your Fiesta Online Team

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    We welcome the player who contributed designs to the artist corner and added some stylish suits to the game! Introducing MintyGreens! Artist, Designer and winner of the February 2020 Date a GM Event!

    Hi MintyGreens! Congratulations on being selected for the Player Spotlight?

    Hello! I am MintyGreens, though most people just call me Rae! I am honored to be picked for the Player Spotlight and to be honest quite surprised.

    Congratulations on winning the Date a GM Event in February!

    I was so excited to win! It was great chatting with you (Kuroneko) in the game. She really took the time to be interested in what we talked about and I got to understand a bit more of what it is like being a GM, which I hope means I can be more understanding in the future.

    Would you like to share some fun facts about yourself

    Fun fact about myself: I cosplayed the level 95 Leviathans Nest cleric gears and it was the most expensive and the longest to make out of all my cosplays. I hand sewed everything on it and the armor pieces are cloth, not worbla or eva foam. To go with this fact I have bought materials for the level 100 and level 114 Spectre gears to be my next Fiesta cosplays and I also am looking into cosplaying the level 120 Holy Knight Frozen Fog set (Helm included).

    The Artist Corner! I remember you mentioning that you were a member of that group, is there anything you want to say in regards to the Artist Corner?

    I love the fact that several of my designs made it into game. It makes me happy every time and I get the silliest, goofiest smiles for the rest of the week from it. When I found out about the ones during October, the Book back item and the mini pet potion bottle, they actually put a smile on my face while I was facing some tough times at work, and that feeling of light in the midst of darkness is something I can never repay back to Fiesta. The Artist Corner has been a big part of why I continued to play this game. I love designing for the game and seeing people use my creations in the game. It would make me super happy to see more Artist Corner themes and for more of our items being made. It is not just my designs I am happy to see, it’s exciting to see any of the communities ideas make it into the game! So please more themes! More Items!

    It sounds like you've been around for a long time! How long you have been playing fiesta?

    I've been playing Fiesta since 2008, when I first got my laptop and went to college, the land of the internet! I think I originally liked the game because it gave me a sense of accomplishment to reach each new level, see the new armors and test new skills. Now, I still enjoy the new armors (it’s like fashion to me) and I enjoy the challenge of trying to accomplish goals I set for myself, such as gearing up different characters, reaching certain levels on certain characters and raiding different dungeons I've never had the opportunity to see before.

    Speaking of fashion, do you have a favorite Costume or Premium Item?

    I'll be a bit selfish here, but my favorite Premium Items are the Mini Popcorn House and the Festival Lantern Mini Pet. This is because they're the first items I've designed that made it into the game. They remind me of that milestone of seeing my ideas come to life.

    It seems you are a big fan of our hosted events! Do you have a favorite event and what types of events would you like to see more often?

    I love events where I have to create things to participate. Painting, drawing, poetry, in game videos and really anything along those lines are my favorite type of events. However, I do enjoy a good old GM hosted event in game, like Monster Spawns for Halloween and the quiz type in OX Field.

    Any tips or advice you would like to give to your fellow players?

    I'm not sure if everyone is aware of this, but I think this tip will be handy for Clerics. First of all, if you hit the F1 through F5 keys it will change your target to whoever is in your party for each of those slots. If you can learn the slots for which party members are which this can be a very good tool for quick target switching for intense healing situations. The Second tip, is when you are in an expedition, you can open the expedition menu and click and drag the other parties groups onto your screen. Doing this will allow you to see the other exhibition member's HP bar and by clicking their names from those little menu, you can switch to them to heal. This is extremely helpful for cross party healing, especially if you do not have enough clerics for each party in an expedition

    Shout outs!

    To Aware85. He has been my in-game husband since the Bijou days and has been a steadfast friend to me ever since. To all my Artist Corner friends! I miss hanging out with you all in Skype! To all my friends in Fiesta, new and old and future friends, they are a part of the reason this game is so much fun to play and I hope they feel the same.

    Well that's all folks! I hope you all enjoyed this issue of the Player Spotlight!



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    A voice of reason and a frequent poster on the Fiesta Forums. The player who has caught our attention and has made it into this month’s Player Spotlight! I introduce to you, Gavin!

    Congratulations! How do you feel about being selected to be featured on the Player Spotlight?

    Hi, I’m very pleased to be selected for the player spotlight and I thank the GM team for the time they put into making this happen. It’s always nice to read other players experience in the game and I’m looking forward to sharing mine.

    Give us some fun facts about yourself!

    I was originally introduced to Fiesta by a friend named Luluchuu. She captivated me to this game by destroying a Honeying and showing off her Sensei Suit and Red Donkey mount.

    Sadly, since Gamigo held the rights to EU Region, I wasn’t able to play on the US servers until many, many years later. It was sad to part with the EU server when EU EN closed down, but here I am on Fiesta NA with my friends!

    The responses you’ve made to the Merge thread had caught our attention. Your responses were quite open minded and we would love to hear some of your thoughts.

    I’ve been asked to explain why I don’t agree with a transfer item/server merge and it links in with the rather lengthy journey I’ve taken through this game.

    The original server merge was done correctly and is something which helped the game massively. Now as nice as it was that merge took place. In my opinion the release of the Transfer Tool didn’t have a positive impact.

    I saw many players using this feature just to ‘cash out’ of the game. Not only does this not benefit the game, but it also leads to servers such as Pagel. This is the reason I believe the Transfer Tool will not be released.

    Now if an item only allowed you to go from Isya to any other Servers were to be offered, then there may be a topic to discuss.

    What would you personally like or change about Fiesta Online?

    I personally think the game balanced up until Level 115 is fairly good overall.However, I largely disagree with the implementation of Legendary Weapons and wasn’t all too glad to hear about the idea of ‘Mythical Weapons’.

    End game content is too focused around single DPS classes, making glads the most valuable class. I would like to see a rework to the other classes to make them all useful in terms of dungeon and raid situations.

    Do you have any advice for your fellow players?

    Join a good guild academy, play with others and treat them the way you’d want to be treated. Most importantly have fun!

    Let’s finish up the interview! Any Particular Events you like to see more of?

    World Boss Spawn events! I was lucky enough to got my SK Weapon from the event !

    Shout outs!

    I would like to shout out to Aysha, CupCakes, Andi, DarkKirou, Luluchuu ofc, Juulia, Exist, Mindy, Ohio, Neo, Past, Gork, Cathy and Martha!

    I hope you’ve all enjoyed this little interview. If you wish to be featured in the next one, please fill in an application and let us know why you should be selected.

    Also please don’t forget that any notable contributions to the community may catch our attention and then maybe you could become featured in the next Player Spotlight!