Several issues

  • Good day,

    I would like to report three issues that hinder my gameplay on a day-to-day basis.

    1. Unable to launch game using the launcher

    As has been mentioned in previous recent topics as well, a DLL file apparently gets deleted when the game application is closed, and the launcher is unable to start the game without it. Whether this is a malfunction in X-Trap, XIGNCODE, the launcher or the way these are wired together I may not know, but IMHO this creates an unnecessary hassle for players, and I've yet to see it fixed. And no, I set up my antivirus manually with an exception to every single game I play including Fiesta, so it's absolutely not what's blocking it.

    As a workaround, I have renamed Fiesta.bin to Fiesta.exe and launching the game directly bypassing the patcher -- but I don't think that should be a right solution.

    2. Unable to log in on first start

    Seemingly every day now as I launch the game and enter my login credentials, the OK and Quit buttons both become grayed out and then nothing happens. The application itself is responsive, but whatever I click on, simply nothing happens at all. I need to alt-tab out and close the game manually through Windows, and restart it, waiting for it to load all over again. On second launch I always seem to get through and actually get into game, but for some reason, never on the first try.

    3. Opening the map (M key) results in game freeze / CTDs

    After some time (15-45 minutes) in game, bringing up the map with the M key starts freezing the game, for periods varying from 2-3 seconds (on an open field) for up to 30-ish seconds (in a town like Elderine). If I make any input to the game while it's not responding (causing it to gray out and the Windows "Application not responding" pop-up to display), as soon as it unfreezes and regains focus, the game simply closes, without warning. No message, error, anything whatsoever, only a CTD.

    I am not sure if my computer specs matter in this specific case, if so let me know and I'll provide it in a follow up message.

    Thank you in advance.

  • Hello Zsofien

    Thank you for your questions. Issue #1 should be fixed with the latest client (please redownload the installer, delete all old files of the game, and reinstall from the new installer.

    Issue #2 is possibly related to the issues of the old launcher, so it might be fixed with the newest installer as well (it could be another problem, like old drivers, this is difficult to diagnose)

    Issue #3 is new, haven't heard of it before. Please see if the new installation of the game fixes this as well and let us know if you keep having these issues even after testing the new installation, it will help us pinpoint the problem faster!

    Hope this helps!

  • Zao Issue #2 with not being able to login is a bug from a year or two ago that we oh so affectionately called the "login glitch." The only time it was addressed with that it was an IPv4 vs IPv6 problem and that they were working on a hardware fix on Gamigo's end, but nothing ever since. It went away for a little bit, but came back shortly after although not as potent as before. When it first appeared you wouldn't be able to login for 5 min of straight launching, trying, closing, re-launching.




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