Small changes BIG CHANGES, and something for the PERMS out there...

  • Something simple,

    One thing I would love to see would be a perm item that when equipped holds EXP, rather than buying 1 day or 7 day EXP holds, I would love a right and left should pet that holds EXP permanently, I would be willing to pay for an item like this, 20, 30 40$? I don't care, I spend hours and hours a day killing my perms in abyss to get them back to 0. I don't care how much it would cost, EXP should be an optional thing with an SC item or an NPC for permanent EXP hold. I would be more willing to play all of the lower level content and the lower level dungeons towers if I knew my permanent characters would not level out of them. The items I buy Slime Coin Items for my little dungeon / tower farming chars is often more than i spend on my higher level or capped chars, because I love some of the lower level content. Not only because they bring back memories of simpler times, but I don't enjoy a lot of the end game content as much as I do as farming GGK or CC / Izyel.

    Also, Instead of working on a cap raise, how about getting more content for the levels we already have, more stuff to do on my higher level chars? Or how about instead of a weekly guild tournament, have daily 20 vs 20 wars at noon and 6 pm on the guild tournament map with 40 slots that randomly assign you a team, which gives out less point than guild tournament, but making the items cost a hint more from the guild tournament shop? Lower level Raid Bosses, Places that drop 60 orange jewels other than Mini Dragon HC or make it into an instance Mini Dragon Tomb as a map like Dragons tomb? Something like mini raid bosses for lower levels? Hardcore Izyel? HC CC? New set Items similar to DDF sets for lower levels from the lower level Devildoms (pushing for this cause I would love to have more aura's, and pt buffs from set effect, especially on my lower level perms)? Bracelets for lower levels? even if it is just HP or SP aim / eva?

    Tier 6 sockets? for LEG weapons? Even if it's not like the others, more based around PVP, that have to be renewed with arena points perhaps? or make the useless yellow ones that drop from mobs like archer knock back and 1 hit fighter sockets the yellow ones that drop, makes those able to fit into T6?

    I don't know, there is a ton of lower level content that is being missed out on, and I hate to see people get to 105 and not know how to play their characters in party situations. Or how to run towers / dungeons efficiently. Work on the content we have, make it better, for higher and lower population servers, there is no way in any universe a guild tournament would fill on Pagel, make the map useable by implementing 20 vs 20 arena style battles on the guild tournament map, sign up like KQ but make the numbers bigger, and make it daily or 2ce a day. there are parts of the game that are missed and loved, that don't make it into rotation anymore. Or merge all the servers into 2 servers already. Isya with it's high pop, and all the other servers into one or something. I hate being 4 out of the 8 vendors in Pagel.

    An update to the skill animations, the skills have looked the same since fiesta opened. I love flashy stuff, and crits, Nothing makes games enjoyable more than massivly impressive skills. On that note, being able to zoom out farther to see the skills more visible. Make new animations for the skills, make the ability to zoom out to see them.

    I love this game, I will be here until the last day it is running, and I hate to see some of the stuff at higher and lower levels not being able to do because of the lowering of popularity of the game,

    ***Fix the installer***

    The fact that I have install errors in windows 10 is probably why there are not a whole lot of players, I stream this game, and on more than 1 occasion, people ask in my chat how do I get my game running. they get DLL errors. The fact that I have to do so much stuff to make the game run in windows 10 to make it work is horrid. The people who love or like fiesta are discouraged from playing, because of the problems installing the game and making it run, or not being able to multi client on the steam version, remake the launcher, make a full installer with all the patches included would be nice, the last time they did this was sooooo long ago.

    All in all, I would love to see this game get some updates and improvements for lower populations, seeing that the game is not as popular as it once was, due to installer troubles, or the fact that there is nothing to do in end game or leveling passed some of the games funner content.

    Tons of love for Fiesta Online

    IoJustIo Aka io - Master of BIOSHOCK guild since beta

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  • I believe a Perm Exp Hold SC item or an option to turn off experiences gain in-game have been suggested multiple times already but we got no response from Gamigo Team. Guess they are just not looking into this right now.