Can't log in

  • I played this game like 5-6 years ago so i decided to go back and try to play it. I downloaded the game from steam and when i try to log-in it says connection to servers has failed and it just turns off the whole game. Like do i have to download the game from this website or there's a fix from that?

  • Mine just kept saying Disconnected from Login Server every time I tried to log in... I'm redownloading now to see if that will help... Fingers crossed...

  • I just installed the game from this website and had to fix one problem,but it was a common so i found it on the forum. They probably stopped supporting on Steam or the Steam itself stopped giving attention to this game. Just download the game from here i guess.

    P.S Forum admins should be more active. No one helps.

  • There is never any help what so ever, On forum or ingame. Gamigo is killing this game.

    oh and yea i got same problem, Disconnected from server..I'm going to uninstall and try fresh new download.

    If it doesn't work , i will leave the game, as nothing is being done to help what players are left.:cursing:slimesuperangry

    p.s it workedqueenlove

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  • this is likely because you are running the game bypassing the Fiesta Launcher, which is done by renaming fiesta.bin to fiesta.exe. you get the login error because you did not patch the game after the update earlier to day, so to fix this:

    1. Rename Fiesta.exe back to Fiesta.bin

    2. Run Fiesta Launcher and let it patch the game

    3. Close launcher and rename Fiesta.bin back to Fiesta.exe

    the game should work after that hopefully!