Disconnection issues

  • Today I asked my guildmembers If they noticed that few threads are posted regarding disconnection issues or server downtimes on forums. What I see more often are requests for shop items. If the servers are unstable and gameplay experience is not flowing then players wont get to use those items anyways. Moreover, many players defend this issue and has grown accustomed to this situation.

    I think it is not enough to extend shop item durations to compensate for this issue. Players have their real lives to attent to and when these disconnects happen at a time when they can play, an extention of 2-3 hours for when they are sleeping doesn't satisfy.

    A better server quality with less disconnects would be better for the general psyche of the community. Their reaction to my question when they said " we always have DC issues on fiesta, its normal" is similar getting abused and having stockholm syndrome. Please improve the disconnects and server down issues instead of other game mechanics. This should have had priority over animation improvements. This is the community's suggestion.

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