[Guide] Triggering Emotes in Fiesta Chat

  • The emotes can be triggered in chat, to activate emotes in Fiesta Chat use this guide until you know how they work, and which ones you want to use.

    These are the rules to follow when using chat emote triggers:

    1. You must use the "/" (forward slash) right in front of the triggering words. like this ( /lol)

    2. The "/" (forward slash) trigger word can not be first in your chat box. (something needs to be before it)

    3. A space or some other chat has to be before the "/" (forward slash) and the trigger word to work.

    Like This:

    /hi how are you? = (space)/hi how are you?

    /hi there! = (space)/hi there!

    funny/lol = no space needed if you use chat before triggering the emote.

    This is a list of emote triggers I had found, but I am not sure if it is a complete list.

    (Cry) triggers: cry, tear, tears, sniff

    (Happy) triggers: smile, happy

    (Laugh) triggers: lawl, rolf, laugh, lol, haha

    (Dance) triggers: dance, danced, dancing

    (Angry) triggers: mad, angry

    (Salute) triggers: salute, saluted, saluting

    (Charge) triggers: charge, charged, charging

    (Attention) triggers: attention

    (Greetings) triggers: hey, hi, heya, salutations, sup, hiya, hello, what's up, yo

    (Surprised) triggers: shocked, surprised

    (Frustrated) triggers: frustrated

    (Front and Center) triggers: hug