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  • I can't even get past the sign-in page to have the patch downloaded, because It keeps giving me an error message. I've tried the Fiesta Repair Tool as well and nothing happened.

  • Dont we all love their ninja changes lol

    But good thing on multi client thingy, its working really good.

    yeeey we got our game back :)

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  • For those of us who dont play EU or dont want to explore whats new, would you care to tell us what else is different now, since no official announcement has been made, and i for one dont feel like randomly running through maps or searching new options, NPCs etc etc.

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  • I can reassure you, in EU are not more NPC's than in NA. It's the other way in EU 3 NPC's are missing in Uruga. Kassandra , Carol , and Reno. In addition there are about 180 quests and CS Stuff missing. The responsible people know about the whole situation since years but do not act unfortunatley.

  • The difference is merely on the mobs distribution, the current maps are basically the very first original versions of Sand Hill and Scaffold Execution Ground, with mobs in high quantities and all mixed up together.

    Personally, during my test server experience I strongly hated to quest on those versions of the maps, they're extremely unpractical.

    I do believe the work who was done on NA was truly helpful since it did create particular locations where you could fight specific mobs and you had plenty of space where to afk without worry about dying by an unexpected mob attack unlike now.

    For those who levelled the old fashioned way via questing, it was evident the fact that those maps were modelled according to quests and repeatables' taskes of the level range meant for them.

    I have no clue why EU never received updates for those maps but probably the reason is due to the fact that we had different pubblishers back then.

    Basic descriptions about how our "Scaffold Execution Ground" used to be pre-patch:

    - a nice Mini-lips spot near the gate for Collapsed Prision (fighting those in Goblin Camp for the repetat was really annoying).

    - Specific medium/big areas for: King Coll, Vampire Bat, Lightining Vivi, Sand Ratmans Prisoners, Torturers and Senior Torturers, (all mobs who have a repetable quest associated).

    - the left side of the map fillled with Arch Karasian Templars packed together in trio with the Karasian soldiers.

    - the right side of the map contained some Ogres and the 3 King Call elites packed together.

    Basic descriptions about how our "Sand Hill" used to be pre-patch:

    - Specific areas for: Earth Spiders, Ghosts, Bone Imps, Hobs, Fire Vivis, Wild Desert Archons, Wild Desert Wolves, Wandering Old Trees, Spiders, Secret Society (mage/fighter) mobs.

    - few Fox mobs available without the Bored Foxes.

    - Different level of the same type of mobs (Spiders, Hobs the most noticeable)

    - A bunch of desert mushrooms available you could pick rather easily without risking your life.

    - No marlone's related mobs - there was simply no need to have the map covered with these mobs in such an absurd amount.

    I am probably missing out something but I am going by memory right now.

    Summary of current "Sand Hill" "Scaffold Execution Ground" Maps mobs distibution:


    I've read that it was not an intentional change so I truly hope they will revert back those maps the way they used to be pre-patch.

  • Whow, you really did amazing job to answer my question. It is really amazing, thank you. So to get things short only SH and Seg maps were changed, or if any others but all are below Uru map, which id say is most important that those maps remained unchanged, or if changed would be usefull to know in what way.

    Yet again i thank you for detailed answer to my question, i really appreciate it and thank you once again

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  • for the changes
    the S.e.g

    -the lips are gone entirely gone.
    -dead trees are here where they used to be bats now.
    - the torturers and senior tortures and prisoners is over a bit more on to where the bats were
    - the Karasin are mixed in with Des Harkans
    - the lighting vivi/bat spot has moved to where they are inbetween their original spot to where the seniors were there. and now mixed between them both. instead of regimental spots.
    - the weakened orges were moved to where they had prisoners moved.
    -more extra karasin soliders, mages, and des harkan on the older spot for orges.
    -normal harkens are mixed into the sand rat hill top now.
    - the younger/elder and one other are now on the path ways entirely. leading to the uruga field. as well as normal colls
    - the addition of spawn points of the soccer ball is there.
    and that probably was a copied version map for EU and now NA just added it because our spawn points and the map disperse of mobs was probably faster. to copy and paste. perhaps it'll drop back to known issues and bring our pre-patched map back after the soccer ball event.

    another post for sandhill. i'm sure


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  • For those that said EU was awesome because it was able to open several clients without sandbox... It was because they HADN'T security system at all, lol.

    And about mobs I hope they change it, its kinda stupid and for sure a copy paste from EU, I don't know why they do such things If both versions are kinda different.

  • Just ran through Sand Hill, that was the ugliest assortment of mobs I've ever seen, the map is littered with Marlone Clan mobs, there's basically no point to Marlone Hill map.~

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  • I really dislike this mob distribution… They better reverse it after the soccer event is over!

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  • Hey Cupcake

    if you still have this issue please check your Fiesta Online folder for the file ""
    If there is such a file then please delete it and try to start the launcher and game again.