Gamigo WHY WHY

  • Should Gamigo Revert the wait on Skill Animations 48

    1. Yes (45) 94%
    2. No (3) 6%

    we have to wait until the animation is finished to cast another skill? Sorry but gamigo you can't do that when the animations are already slow as they are you literally ruined the game in terms of pvp and just overall feel for playing gladiator or any other classes everything is all clunky ;c essentially fix skill stacking I believe that is what is called?

  • lol mages have to wait till the entire animation of lightining chain is over to be able to use another skill. So that's like 5 seconds without being able to do anything. And glads have it even worse.

    Gamigo just revert this bs please. Make the game better, not worse ffs.

  • Why would anyone in their right mind vote 'No' for this ?_?

    It literally ruined the game, everything is so slow and clunky now. 0 fun