Question about drops

  • Hello everyone,

    I have been playing this game a lot recently, but I am still pretty confused about where some items drop. Specifically, I'm wondering where 60 orange rings, necklace and earrings can be obtained. I read somewhere that they drop in the Tower of Iyzel, but not sure if that is the case?

    Is there a comprehensive and updated drop list that can be found online? It would really be helpful to have something like that, but I haven't really been able to find any of them yet.

    Also, I have a question about cards. When you press the card slot, you can see where it can be obtained, but sometimes it's pretty confusing. For example, Devildom Soldier card can be obtained from Devildom, but what is that exactly, Devildom Mine, Fortress...or something else completely? Or what is SDevildom, IDevildom, FDevildom...?

    Any help is highly appreciated.

  • Mean Giant Honeying KQ ~ Chances to acquire Lv 50 blue weapons and shields.

    Lost Mini Dragon Hardcore KQ ~ Chances to acquire Lv 60 yellow jewelries.

    I do not know much about Cards and Devildom so I'll let someone else address that.

  • Cards can drop from the same class of mobs, in whatever map that class might be on. For instance, there is a dust golem, stone golem and iron golem in the Tower of Izyel, and Jewel Golem in the Crystal Castle. The mob class is golem, so the dust golem could in theory drop the jewel golem card (I've never had it happen personally, hence the "in theory!"). The same will be true of other mobs in the game, and I assume (but again don't know personally) that Devildom mobs work in the same way.

    I don't think there is a drop list anywhere, but ask away here if you want to know specifics :)

  • Thanks for the replies, it's really helpful to learn more about the game :)


    I have too many questions, it would probably take pages :) That's why I was thinking about a list of drops, and if there isn't one, maybe it would be a good idea to create it. Just don't know where to start with that.


    So, Lost Mini Dragon HC is the only place where you can acquire lvl60 jewelries? Tower of Iyzel only gives lvl45 set pieces and cards? And some greens, but they don't count :)

  • L60 orange jewels can only be obtained in Mini Dragon Hard Core version. Keep in mind MD quests cannot be done in HC version, you need to go to normal one for it.

  • 60 orange jewels can drop from tower, just a really low rate. Better to do MD HC.

    Devildom cards do not work like the others in that even though they all the the same mobs, not all of them drops cards for the shared mobs.

    Soldiers are DDM/DDB

    Citries are DDM/DDB

    Focalors are DDT

    Cannons, Avanas, Golems are DDF

    (Note cannons and golems are called RangedMagiweapon and MeleeMagiweapon as far as card class goes)




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  • NoNonsense Lost Mini Dragon Hardcore is your best chance to get level 60 jewelries. It has been believed for a long time that they can drop from the Iron Golem in the Tower of Iyzel, but I have farmed the tower for many years and never saw one drop there. I quit farming the tower because it is broken, I think everyone that has tried farming the tower over the past few years has probably seen Spirits Fruit Low Quality drop from Poison Golem, Iron Golem, or both. Spirits Fruit Low Quality should never drop in the Tower of Iyzel, I personally believe every Spirits Fruit Low Quality that drops is intended to be another level 45 set piece. The only drops you should see in the Tower of Iyzel are the Cards, level 45 set pieces, Green Weapons, Materials Highest Quality and maybe Yellow/Orange Level 60 Jewels (so rare I never saw one) and that is all. There have been other rumors of Level 60 Yellow/Orange Jewels dropping in other places, but I do not remember the specifics right now. Good Luck finding what you want or need.

  • Aerro

    You are totally right! I had to check because I wasn't paying attention before to what mats were dropping, and really, there it is, Spirit's Nectar lq. Everything else is highest quality, and only this one is low. And it only drops when I don't get a set piece. It means it's either broken, or the game is trolling us hard :)

    Either way, they ought to take a look at this. And if there is a chance to obtain some rare items such as lvl 60 jewelries, they should increase the drop rate, even just a little bit. That would make farming the tower much more interesting.