reaper and/or spec ultimate guide HELP

  • I’ll just say any spr invested into a spec build is a waste of time with the passive shame u can force a guaranteed crit.

    dex has no use at cap. My spec could easily break 7k+ aim with an aim talisment. With a full dex build you wouldn’t be adding much.

    str is the from build grants piercing dmg. It’s really the only stat you’d actively want at cap for a spec

  • Yawn is correct.

    As a reaper, my critical damage passive is sufficient enough to where I stopped at 50 dex 25 spr.

    All my gear is Str/Dex End Spr, and I keep myself scrolled up quite often.

    As far as End Game...based on the horror stories I hear ~ Quite honestly...stay Spec, keep your build 25 spr 33/35/50 dex and the rest to str.

    I do suggest one thing though...

    If you're going to take away from your STR pool...well, don't. (:

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