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  • I look on a day where gamigo able to release

    Test dummies to practice strength, eva, and defense on the dummy

    Revamp gt/ fix issues of trying to not d/c while loading in to it (kill storage guilds)

    Cap raise for those who tired of killing raid bosses thousand of times

    Marriage benefits such a new emotes and marriage tab

    New Kq's

    But a nub can dream right

  • My wish is for current kqs to fill xD

    Pagel Server

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    DoomedRevival | JigokuShoujo | Jynxy | MisterJay | _HarleyQuinn_

  • mmmmm NOPE

    We need a gold sink first, and adjustment to mob strengths, enhancement rate fixes, drop rate fix, and then lastly...some skills mobs use need to not be spammable and constantly land stuns or fears.

    Once those are taken care of, THEN we can look forward to new content.

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    Its in German, Ill translate for yall

    "When is new content coming / Are you working on a new cap raise?"

    A: We are currently working on new content but we neither have teasers nor a date to announce. We plan on working on already existing content with the goal to complete and improve it. We are currently not working on a new cap raise nor are we planing it. (In the near future)"


    "We are actively working on rebalancing the game and already created the next balance concept but dont have an official date for the next rebalance patch. We are also working on a better overview about changes we make"

  • That is certainly the better move. The game actually has some decent content but it is often forgotten or just flat out a waste of time to do.

    Some classes are currently useless (Knights topping the list for years).

    There is in my opinion far too many quests and the whole leveling system need a rework. It is one of the most boring aspect of the game.

    Can't understand why one needs to do many quests and spam repeats to level up. I see no harm in making it easier.

    It is much better to make the leveling fast so you get to know the class faster and potentially level up to cap then start a new character with a different class.

    I always believed that quests should be used to show the players what the game has to offer, not shove it in their faces and force them to go through it countless times for hours.

    I rather have quests with a different purpose than experience. For example. If you have done 10 quests in roumen, then you get access to a new NPC which wasn't available at the beginning of the game. And that new NPC could for example give you accessibility to the next town via the Towns Portal else you have to walk to the town or use Town scrolls.

    Things like that which gives meaning to quests other than exp and level up are far better in my opinion.

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  • Sounds about right, but there also needs to be something a little more too.

    Quests should unlock permanent passive boosts as well as various other rewarding aspects...but that would incorporate a lot of more programming and coding, and that would just interfere with what they're already working on.

    Lets be real, more bug fixes and changes to a few mechanics in this game are drastically needed FIRST.

    With them changing Skeletons and Entrap finally...the next step would be to eliminate a few other issues that are plaguing the game...and that would be the Enhancement Rates, Drop Rates, A viable Gold Sink, Rebalance, and adjustments to OLD content that no one even bothers with now...

    When you look at early game play, you can breeze all the way to 64 in a matter of HOURS...HOURS!!! I did this by leveling a cleric by myself (literally) with a 7x mage. No EXP card, No Quest XP Boost, just having my cleric on follow riding a +5 Rammy.

    64 - 80 is painful...very painful. CC doesn't make it faster, its actually more of an annoyance to DO since everyone just sells runs and not everyone wants to shell out 5g - 15g a run.

    80 - 90 has become rather tedious here lately, as people are now selling DT runs with droppers for up to 30g a run. This is ridiculous, but people wanna level fast...but forgot about their repeats and available quests. Sure, saving all your quests up to 89 is a good deal, but once you get there...all those quests only offer like 60% total as the EXP amount for 89-90 is...nvm, you all should know by now.

    The game is pretty set the way it is, but there needs to be more to it than the grind...and getting the "best gear"...

    That's all im saying.

    1 - 60, we should have a rebirth offered to us, instead of just resetting our skill points each prestige we reach, should also reset our Stat Points.

    With the difficulty of the game after 105, we should also be allotted more Free Points than 1 per level.

    1 - 20 we should only be offered the current 25.

    21 - 60 we should be offered 2 points per level and 20 upon completion of the 60 job change.

    61 - 100 we should be offered 2 points per level and 30 upon completion of the 100 job change.

    101 - 135/150 we should be offered 3 points per level, and certain quests should offer an additional 5 points upon completion of the quest like (i.e. Burning and Seized Adelia)

    Something like that, but only after rebirthing. (redoing the levels all over again...literally)

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