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  • As long as we don’t get gold bots sending mail to everyone

    This seems pretty neat :)

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  • This I find is among one of the most stupid things Gamigo has done......among all the other stupid things that has been done. Instead of fixing bugs and faults and screwups they put in a mailbox. Even when Roumen was changed or changed the colour of the buff scrolls I believe that was a huge blunder too. To spend money on useless things like this is a waste of money for Gamigo and gains nothing for the players. Instead they could have fixed skills, made the AOE hit more than 10 mobs, made it possible to have more pages in inventory/storage, put in a auto-stack in storage as we have in inventory, making stacks even larger so it takes less space for like scrolls, pots and materials would be a much better use of the money to spend.

    Even the mail system is lacking things. Like - how to see clearly that you have a mail? The message you get in the window to the bottom right makes it impossible to see if you have a mail if you are doing quests or repeatable, and also there is no reply button. This is a humongous screw up... as usual, in my opinion.

    I find it very hard to believe that most of the players has been asking for a mailbox - a few, yes - majority, no. There is so many more things that is more important to do than this. "Facepalm"

  • so 3 months waitting since december for this Patch , no wonder why game die, mailbox to those players who left the game in pagel and they will come back to read, waste of time waitting for months . SC runs for creepy work, and employers get paid for next few months project. By this speed of work or change we will have a perfect fiesta in 20 years later, when you get marry and got Kids and you can give ur account to ur Kids so that they can play a perfect fiesta.

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  • Hmmm the mailbox system does seem like an iffy idea, only because most guildies/people all use discord to chat with one another, so there is really no real use for it.

    However, if you were to say... make items attachable, that would be amazing! especially with a price put onto it as well, that would save us so much time if someone is say stuck in AR and you're in eldy and dont wanna walk all the way there ! and if the wrong person got it or the player doesn't weant to pay, they can reject the mail at any time or it auto decline within a week or something.

    Just for consideration, because I just don't feel as though people will be writing letters to everyone.

    Another suggestion would be if a guild master could mass mail guildies, this would help with raids and stuff, but again, most guilds just use discord now.




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  • Cybele and sven Thanks for killing the mood ;(

    Cybele Not instead of, but in addition to. We are fixing and rebalancing in addition to adding new features. We wouldn't want to leave naysayers without reason to gripe, now would we? ;) Thank you for stating that there are functions missing though. We will get on it right away!

    sven I wish we could have a perfect Fiesta. But unfortunately, I don't see a way of making it possible.

    GrungieGirl27 LOL yeah that's a classic move, right? Thanks for taking it with humor. They should all be gone by now.

    Seathor We are already thinking about expanding it, thank you for your input and your suggestions!

    @Everyone else, thanks for your positive outlook! :S

    resigood It is unlikely, since you cannot send one mail to more than one recipient at the same time, and there is a timer block that prevents you from sending more than one eMail per minute. <3

  • Zao : I am glad I could help you with something... killing the mood as you call it... Well, there is still a lot of bugs that has yet to be fixed - even when being told about them for years they are not fixed. Among others - one is when having a vendor open and within 10 minutes 2 out of 3 clients crashes and I have a message saying "disconnected from world server" and the other saying "disconnected from server". Why does this keep happening? Also when having these disconnections - to log back in is a menace. I get as far as to logging in my user name and password and all is dead. Absolutely nothing happens. I can try to log in 5-10 times before I get back into the game. Also "an unexpected error has occurred", the button for send an error report DOES NOT WORK. If clicking that I get yet another error. This has been a faulty thing for a very long time. When is that going to be fixed? The runtime error - is that fixed yet? These is a few bugs that has not been done anything about - if there has been done anything it has not been noticeable anyway.

  • yay LOVE this <3 I asked for mailbox system years ago XD.

    but like at 1 gold per mail to make a gold sink.

    but I have a ?

    do we only get 100 mails per mouth per year per lifetime? or it reset some at some time?

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  • why is it so hard to make fiesta not perfect?

    players give many ideas , you want play a game we want and not want play a game of some1 who never play ( no idea of game ) leading now

    how to make the game perfect:

    1. increase drop boost,

    2. increase the chance of enhance game

    3. gold sink how? seeling some Sc item for drain out the gems of gems

    4. stop greedy,

    5. more rewards for players

    sure gamigo want make money as much as possible, that every1 will accpent and understand that is why gamigo does business but there is many way to make money:

    . early fiesta we have more players around lets say 500000 players now around 1000players maybe not

    if 500000 spending only 1 $ a month = so gamigo has income like 500.000$/month

    and 1000 spending 100 $ a months = 100.000$/month

    then you may come with the idea why we dont go for the first way

    500.000 players spending for 100$ a months and we have 5.000.000$ sure that wont happen cuz that way you guys running make fiesta dieing from alots of players to less players. from lots of server to 1 active server now

  • I guess hiding auras will be good to help prevent lag....

    sigh, now I will have to login on alts to send myself letters until I hit the 100 cap and so therefore will not receive anymore letters. LOL

    Wait you don't want letters from others? I could understand if it is from gold spammers or just reg spammers and you want to block them.

  • Cybele Thank you for mentioning this issue. Please send a ticket to support and list everything that might play a part in it. Have you heard of others having this issue? Do you do something that will inevitably trigger it, or is it random to you? What other things do you think contribute to it on your end? We always collect even random and rare errors and see if there are connections between them or whether there is something that we can do on our end!

    hairball don't worry, it is 100 at any given moment. So they do refresh at your own leisure. If you have 99 read/unread messages in you rinbox and receive oe more, you have 100. Then until you delete one old (or new) mail, you can not receive more. Players that try will get an error message saying that you can not receive mails at this time. As for how many you are allowed to write: as many as you can write! :)

    sven Thank you for your words and your questions.

    Why is it so hard to make it perfect? Honestly, because everyone has a different idea of what a game needs in order for it to be considered perfect. Of course there are some things most players will agree upon. Whenever we have a clear-cut case like that, we do tend to try and find a way to add it. But most things are highly subjective.

    1. increase drop boost,

    What raise or ratio do you think would be good? What does the rest of the community say? Raise? If so, how much?

    2. increase the chance of enhance game

    I am not sure what you mean by that.

    3. gold sink how? seeling some Sc item for drain out the gems of gems

    Just to clarify: are you suggesting to seel sc items for Gems as a gold sink?

    4. stop greedy,

    I will assume you are referring to the game being geared towards buying special items. Could you please be more specific? The game has been made considerably less lethal compared to when it started. Even without a guild, you can level pretty quickly in this game. Agreed, there are level ranges that are a bit more difficult, but compared to the early versions of this game, it is much easier now.

    5. more rewards for players

    What kind of rewards would you like? Do you mean more ways to reward a player, or better/more rewards?

    Btw, your calculations do point in the right direction. If we had more players, we would make more money, and we could do much more for/with the game. Unfortunately, right now we are not able to completely revamp the game or even come close to how we would like to have it, but we are adding fixes as well as features within our possibilities!

    Let me know what you think!

  • 1. drop boost need to increase to 10- 15% without rant effect. so ppl will farm and sell, make economy more active.

    2. i mean enhance rate should better from 10 trys at least 5-6 successful? why? this gamestyle you dont enhace gears or weapon only 1 time ( talking about same lvl gear or weapon) you will enhance the same items if you find a better stats. lets say if i want to + a item from 4-12 and it rdy happened from 10 tries is only 1 try succesful and it cost like 5-7Euro for it? so i better keep the money and spend for what else better in reallife, the enhance rate doenst make ppl like to do it.

    3. you guys can sell some SC stuffs for golds like stuff with 3% bonus which wont hurt gamigo income. why? players-B spending SC they buying most of those + 5% up . so you will come with so we can drain gold from only players-A, but those players-A selling stuff to the players-B to effort items, they are buying from the gold sink which make all players spending money

    4. greedy is something every players know ( enhance rate is something like that but if you go for point 2 ,this step can pass)

    5. why should players sticking around your games for days, months ,years. A little gift can make them feel well, 1-7 days mounts or sc items if they logging often if the new player join the game and they see oh the server is a lots of active players they want to stay more than a empty server ,and sometimes they get something from gamigo aswell nott only gamigo want from them . that make players have good feeling to enyou and stay with ur game.

    the game was very popular long time ago but the way the game is running pushing/ slapping players away and it need to change instead

    game developer should make a change what players want to play cuz we player play the game

    in Korea a serie Tv movie, they make the end of the movie like the ppl wanted watching it, so ppl want to watch it more .

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  • " Cybele Thank you for mentioning this issue. Please send a ticket to support and list everything that might play a part in it. Have you heard of others having this issue? Do you do something that will inevitably trigger it, or is it random to you? What other things do you think contribute to it on your end? We always collect even random and rare errors and see if there are connections between them or whether there is something that we can do on our end!"

    And what do you think I have been doing? Scratching my behind hoping things will be fixed? I have sent in total 9 Power Point with comments and screen shots of all the bugs that has occurred when I have been playing the game. Also written down what i was doing and what time it was when i was doing it. All I get is "Hello Cybele, Thank you for your feedback. We are continuously working on fixing issues. Thank you for your patience." Also I have been told to "make a post in forum" - why would I do that? There is no one in forum that can help me or anyone else with these kind of bugs/problems. So many others has already done that as well and here we are - still at the same spot as when the bug report started pouring in. Still nothing is done.

    I haven't done anything that could trigger anything. I can log in and I get kicked out of the game - I wont even have the time to do anything before I am off again. It is also not random to me. I see in chat in the game that people are talking about getting disconnected from the game just like that, so no - it is not only me. I still believe that the stability of the server, which has been claimed has been fixed, is a big problem still. People are still lagging a lot when a server is high of users, like Isya. That "unstability" is still there. People suddenly asking if a mass DC has happened - meaning that suddenly people are getting disconnected from the server.

    As a user of the game these bugs/faults are very annoying and when some stupid cosmetic things is being done to the game instead of taking a hard and good look at issues like these mentioned then I feel that there is something wrong. Not from the players side, but from the developers side. They can do a much better job than what they have done so far in my opinion.