Bring back fame in normal quests

  • Bring back fame in normal quests. Get rid of Fame NPC Merchant.

    Instead of Fame NPC, those who have acquired a certain amount of fame can access a map (a.k.a. VIP clubroom) where they can once a day collect:

    - a set of scrolls/potions(def,aim, etc) t1, t2, t3, t4, t5 based on level (2 hour scrolls) (free) (daily)

    - a premium 1-day item of choice (free)(weekly)

    - a permanent suit/pet/minihouse/mount (1 time only after reaching XXX amount of fame) (similar to card set)(1 time only)

    Note: FAME amount remains on character. It is not used up. This would be a privilage to those who have completed XXX amount of quests and/or received XXX amount of fame.

    Besides the current ranking system in Elderine, have a Hall of Fame board listing those who have completed highest number of quests. (level based)

    Each set of levels has its own goal: Example: (numbers used for illustration purposes only)

    - 1-10 needs 5,000 fame to enter VIP clubhouse

    - 11-20 needs 10,000 fame to enter

    perm items: (numbers used for illustration only)
    20 pets to choose from 50,000 fame required

    20 minihouse to choose from 80,000 fame required

    20 costumes to choose from 200,000 fame required
    maybe even 40 wep skins to choose from 500,000 fame required

    Each item will be collected upon reaching specified amount (fame will not be used up)

    In addition, those at/above the max fame for their level set get special buffs (choice of 20% exp/20% drop rate/5% damage increase/5% def increase) etc. lasting XXX amount of time per day (1 hour a day?)

  • I agree a earning frame is kinda a pain now specially on some levels where the fame quest are bugged. Like on that I've done sorah, bijou, CS and I'm not even getting it completed, so I cant get fame if it wont reward you. So I would rather bring the old fame system back it make leveling and doing quest more fun.


    Mizukia 135 Ranger

    Kiriyashi 120 Gladiator
    iP00hOnya 115 Wizard

    Rathia 105 Spectre
    Nursing_AID 113 Guardian
    Verdanzi_Hrdian 115 Templar
    xXDawnXx 105 Warlock

    AimeKeeta 114 Knight


  • They killed the fame system it was great before now its eh... not to mention how many ppl go for those fame capsules under 1% if im being optimistic just to get a 1h or 1 day thing.... the work just not cutting it and the fame skills eh you get quests for those so yea