Save Fiesta Online

  • I have played Fiesta online since release in 2007, and of course over the years my activeness in the game has fluctuated. While the game has received a number of changes it feels like the longevity of Fiesta Online is not a priority. While the game itself finally started raising the level cap after almost 6-7 years. The root of the issues in the game have yet to be addressed and many changes have left many features in the game useless.

    The Crusader: While I love the crusader, let's be honest. It's skills recycled from all existing classes smashed into one. Which becomes even more apparent since the character movements/animations are choppy and somewhat glitchy. Character arm model morphs into themselves on most skills. While I enjoy playing the class, it needs some serious polishing.

    Low to mid levels: While there is a hugely improved amount of quests in the low to mid tiers, it feels as if they have put training wheels on these levels. The quests which are able to be turned in without being near NPCs are awesome but take away from the gameplay of the game. And since I'm able to stay in one area on the map, why would I want to do anything else? KQs? No one joins and rewards are sub-par in lower levels. Abyss? Exp has been increased a ton from when Outspark had possession but since I'm able to do 3 repeatable quests in the same area, why bother? Dungeons? Waaaaay overpowered. Have you tried finding a party THEN going into Land of Trials? With charms and +10 it's still a task. But why would I go to LoT when Sorah's Cat. just hands me a blue piece of armor and weapon for my class every KQ? And why is a KQ giving GOC weapon's!? The point of having a boss to drop boss branded weapons, is to motivate people to go kill that boss. But again, why would I if the KQ is a cakewalk?

    Texture overhaul: A few years ago we were informed of Fiesta getting graphic updates. Started at low levels beginning with Sand beach and low level enemies. Unarmored chars, Greenkies, Crabs, Mushrooms, etc. were re-textured and then stopped right before Forest of Mist. So I'm walking through Sand beach, it's beautiful, enemies look great. Go through FoM gate then I'm in potato land and enemies look like buns.

    Trading at the same time: Seriously? This has been an issue since RELEASE. When two players trade each other at the same time, it will glitch both characters. Preventing them from trading until relog. Please. It's been over 10 years... Fix this.

    Treasure chests: These chest sprinkled across the maps in uncommon areas were such a great idea and bring so much excitement... until you open it. Find a chest? Congrats you got 3~5 ores at random quality, 1~2 stones for the tier of that level, a town scroll and MAYBE a pet. Which, of course no matter what level you are only +1 on stats. This slowly turns chests into a growing disappointment after each one you find.

    Loot: The loot system in this game has always had a random stat roll which had a nice appeal to it. However, with the increase in gear drops (thank you), you slowly realize how buns the stat rolls are. Grinding 2 days will get you a few inventory boxes of greens gears, with a handful of points in the wrong stats. Maybe a base set for each class? Ex: level 50 green fighter gear always has at least 5~10 STR, 3~8 END and can of course exceed these numbers and add to others stats but always has at least those base stats.

    Optimization: I'm sorry, but the game runs like booty. I have a 980 ti, i5 processor with 16gb of RAM. With Just Fiesta, and teamspeak running I get frame lockups religiously in populated towns. I don't care where I am, there is no reason a town should have me lagging so bad I cannot walk with my rig. I can play most triple A titles on Ultra with 144FPS,.. Most of this lag and poor optimization is coming from other player characters. While there is a setting in the Graphic Options to disable Character Effects, which would fix the poor optimization of this game. Unfortunately it doesn't disable any character auras or Shop/House effect which are your main process hogs in the client.

    Economy: This unfortunately is what is killing Fiesta. After the Server mergers and character transfers item values fluctuated like crazy. Now shops are flooding with +9s/10s/11s/12s at extremely high prices that are never consistent and everyone offering next to nothing on these items. This is directly a result of the fact that NO ONE has money. The game doesn't have ANY money makers. There is no way for characters to get an appropriate amount of money for your level without some other character interference (guild acad/shops). But with no new players having any currency and a lack of lower players, how is a person leveling up supposed to afford gears/skills? Quests rarely give you a decent amount of money. Then once you pass 60, skills get so expensive you can barely afford them with the what you get from quests not to mention what you're spending on stones. At 60 youre getting about 40~60s per quest. Each skill is 100s+ and hitting 60 causes you to buy 10+ skills, and if youve been saving for 10-20 levels you can say goodbye to that 2-3g youve been saving. You know what would be a great remedy for Fiesta economy? A MARKETPLACE. It has been over 12 years and I have seen WORKING marketplaces on countless private servers(which you guys snuffed out, thanks for that) and yet the official server is making us all sit on our thumbs for days on end selling thing at wrong prices because no one sees a consistency in prices. The marketplace would help refresh the economy and spread gold throughout the players, get rid of the super laggy shops in towns and actually allow players to easily sell their stuff. Still want to make your money of microtransactions? Fine. Put they same limitations houses have on the market place. All players get 5 sale slots unless upgraded with a marketplace ticket.

    The main point of this thread is not to trash Fiesta Online, it just seems that development has dwindled down. News on the forum is flooded with Weekly sales but no actual news or announcements about the game for over months of time. I love Fiesta and I want to see it survive. The amount of MMOs have plummeted these past few years and at this rate Fiesta is not far behind and I don't want to see it to die like the rest.

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