Betting Game....... When will they implemet multi client use

  • they force us to use charms at a rate that demands a limited time. when it shouldn't have, messed with the administration setting which it shouldn't be. and now our dual log ins are off. well now i'm just like hmm a bit UPSET is hardly a simple way to address those issues. time to actually take charge and begin to actually realize that the population is really hurt. and that isn't just a compliment and some free sc (solution). nope time to get up and get on top of it. before any more issues push this fragile balance of profit versus simple demand(s). there is more work to bring us back onto the navigation but any longer and we're already beginning to move away. 3 hits and no sorry isn't a good idea. in the first place...

  • So i see from tons of happy msgs i received. Havent tried it just yet. Hope it works like i expect it to. Seems they fixed their errors this time. Hope it didnt cost them any players, and also hope this maybe brings back some that left

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  • I'm not the only one to notice this.. but since they introduced their own multi-client log ins, the infinite log in screens happen much, much more frequently x.x

    Infinite log in screens meaning that after pressing log in with account details, you're stuck on the loading screen until you close the game. Annoying, but better than not being able to multi-log in. doesn't appear to happen for like up to 10min anymore though.

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