Lack of communication from Gamigo's NA team?

  • There has yet to be a GM/Mod post anything to our English Threads. They certainly read them if they're "Approving" of our posts to be visible to others. Plus looking at our NA team's post counts, they're barely posting anything. If they do, it's on the random stuff like "post the song you're listening to" or those guides that Akher is making, and let's not forget about the world cup event.

    This time last year, there was what? like a dozen+ mods/GMs on the NA team? now there's five. Regardless of their reasoning, they lost the majority of their team, and only managed to recruit one extra(Which btw I've never heard from).

    While the community is showing their frustrations here, wanting answers and actual responses from the NA Mod/GM teams, the closest we have is a couple community members trying to defend Gamigo. I do not know how to get their attention, but I'm calling out on each of you.






    You might be responding on Discord, I don't know. Not everyone has discord or is connected to the Fiesta discord channel(Myself included). But since we moved to this forum, you have all shown a lack of interest in your community. Akher may have created a single post regarding the issue, but there is still not a single response to our threads. Even if there's nothing you can do, you're still showing zero interest in your community. Instead, you're letting a couple community members attempt to alleviate the tensions players are getting. You can at least respond to us, to show that you actually care.. Instead, you're showing us that you're all basically ignoring us. I know people have lives and they get busy at times, but it's been what? 100 hours or something since this all began, more than enough time to personally respond to us. If you're too busy for even that, why bother joining the team..

    Instead of letting a couple of your community members defend you, stand up for yourselves. Ignoring us is only making tensions worse. Replying to us may not solve anything, but at least it shows you're doing something for the community.

    Now I wonder if this thread has to be approved by a mod/GM, and how long it'll take for an approval, or if they'll just decline posting this thread.. o.-

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  • I couldn't agree more with your post. I have been screaming this very statement over and over. The longer a CM or anyone in higher power stays quiet, the more frustrated we are going to get. The game is losing players daily. I am shocked to see people still attempting to play.

    Please listen to us! Give us something...tell us what's going on.

    Quit worrying about the stupid Soccer tournament and focus on your game!

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  • Yes, not everyone has Discord. Wanted to let you know that Kuroneko has been on Discord a LOT! I agree, this being the new forum and all, there probably should be some representing from Gamigo. But, kudos to Kuroneko for being with the community so much on Discord, at least.

  • Everyone awaits GMs to start talking to us.... tbh i didnt even see GM log IG since patch, wellp, i rarely log since then, but stillm everyone told me they didnt see GM logged

    As for Discord, I most certanly will not start using it just because they decided to use it, they have their official FB page..... not active, this forum seems to be non active for them too.... its all so meh... like noone gives a demn

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  • I'm not on discord either, or more accurately gave it a go for a day and wasn't a fan LOL. They went through the effort of setting up a fresh new forum for the community, the least they can do is come out with one announcement.
    Even if it's not exactly good news, or even if it's just them officially saying we're working on what we can, at least they've had the respect to address their players in a place they should be addressing them.

  • You are posting complaints in their free hours (weekend), I'm sure they'll come up with a response in Monday, anyways, I agree 100% with your post.

    Something has to change, for the better of Fiesta.


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  • As if we haven't been saying we want more communication for years now. I'll give them that its the week-end and I believe they said they don't work then, so now we just gotta wait until Monday or something~

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  • Still need to get use to remembering the timezone difference as it's already Monday for me.
    I did read Akher's post which had a good amount of information but mainly in regards to the cheat software etc and not the constant dc's.
    (Though it seems they are happening less frequently for some people now)
    Have I missed any formal posts addressing those types of issues? Or are they just "working on it"?

    Regardless I just play casually now and only joined the forum because of the current state of the game so I could actually get some information. slimeembarrassed

  • I would expect some sort of reply today before they go home even if it is just a couple of sentences explaining the situation the fact isya is on a 'low' population speaks volumes for the effect this patch has had. We need some reassurance from gamigo.


  • and a bunch of other things, even if it's a few sentences that tells us where to go. how to fix things. come now. guides are possible. lmao.
    either way. it's already evening in germany to my understanding. that means it's way to late for their working times. and I said and posted this several times already. "free" weekends should be covered once or twice and keep on work. because a super duper problem has arrived and that means whether or not you need to get something done faster than the deadlines. or perhaps you went beyond that deadline and you are well aware that dropping everything else but the actual work time may be one of those interior company "policies" about that same thing. drop all to save the ship kind of thinking.

  • Actually, it's 12:12 pm in Germany right now, meaning they probably just finished lunch.


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  • oh my.. lookie at the time. where are my white ears, and pocket watch, just to make sure their in order! seems the dead line has happened. and i'm waiting i'm waiting.

  • Hey guys,

    I know some of you are willing to get your posts replied about the current situation with Xigncode and the last patch.

    If I didn't answer any of those is just because as I told you in the last thread I posted on Friday, we are looking for feedback to solve this situation. If you want, I could reply on every single posts that "we are working on it and gathering feedback", but this is not gonna be the answer you want to read.

    Do not misunderstand me, I am not saying that not replying every comment in the forum is they way we have to follow, but obviously I am not here 24/7 and this last thread explaining everything about Xigcode was posted on Friday before I left the office and for obvious reasons, I am not checking the forum in my free time. Lately I have been busier than normal since most of you guys know, I am taking care of 2 communities at the same time and this is really stressing sometimes.

    Also, some of you guys have reached me on Discord and get replied within 5 minutes because there's always messages popping up and then I can realize someone is contacting me, so you can always contact me over there.

    Anyways, I will try to keep an eye on the forums more often and replying not using the phrases "we are working on it" and "we need to gather feedback". ;)



  • okay. akher has said thus. and we still await the coming of a complete, detailed package within yet. okay.

    1. Administration Settings on any known computer (windows platform) should never have been done. it is only for the technical additive things inside your computer. that fourthly does not allow another company literally (unknown publisher) on it. and it begins several scans within the hour because of the administration setting is on to long.
    2. disconnections happen quickly. and that is hurting the entire population within Isya. and perhaps entirely across the servers.
    3. it is well clear that many people are wondering what this is about. and thus they is why we must immediately sent responses. and that is why several threads have gone onto HIGH replies.
    4. multiclient issue. there is many issues, within the multiclient given by many other players who have put this down already and YOU demanded it be done differently (on your wishes rather than the a well planned way to fix it.) this plus the disconnection(s) pushes two separate attacks towards the player base. and the consumers entirely. if that hurts the community than the community immediately jumps off to other places. and that isn't being fickle. it is because two issues push the envelope. and some nothing has been done thus this tpe of lack of communication... you need to make a better "play" than taking your sweet time to finish the post.
    5. finally the entire SC issue, because of the disconnections, making people not want to go into or doing anything during the giant problems. the consumers have sc charms/outfits/ et el. and that may disappear AMID this disconnection issue. because they didn't log in or they lost time with charms. when I arrived back after the so called re tuned or finding the shortcut issues. some of my enhanced and my Raid charms were missing from my character.. and yet I continued to play happily . now where was that missing charms from that stack? because I will be looking for missing that plus the disconnections which hurt my extra hours/days of my not touch my sc and it's just burning away. (btw that small personal part was about me, but other player bases is losing their time too.) ... and that with the upper "steps" i have posted. are already hurting more and more...


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  • SC is wasting but dont even want compensation cuz the game is fked up so much and no multi not able how to farm stuff and trade to other alts

    dont tell me to trade to other ppl then relogg , i dont want take a risk

    LF a GM able to online to help me for trade , that is what i think they should do after this patch

  • What more feedbacks are needed?

    The issue is clear, add a few strings of code abilitating multi clienting and, if a quick patch up for the d/c issue is unachievable in a short time ( basically within 24 hrs after the first reports were made) then remove the damn thing until you have got a working fix. No self respecting company should leave a game up for a week in this condition, it's shoddy, unrespectful and against your own interest as 1 or 2 weeks of this will leave gaping holes in your profit margins for the month. Not even talking about reputation management, because the lack of respect of the players for this company has trascended meme status and become a cosmological constant

    What was the purpose of spending 2 weeks testing the software on an actual test server, when the day you implement the thing, you basically end up killing the game? It's all just a long game of waiting and watching broken things piling up over time, while the devs chase impossible projects or get sidetracked with unrequested features (readding old roumen was literally panem et circenses to distract the masses from the actual need to address pressing matters).

    Then of course when an actual emergency like the current one occurs (caused by the devs lack of foresight themselves) , everything else becomes low priority as it should be, and when it gets (hopefully) fixed, the devs pats themselves on the back and go back working on the next pets system or designer costume, vanishing for another 3 months beside the random but regular uproar about some dumb decision ( TCP removal to name one).

    So yeah, instead of gathering feedbacks after a mess up, maybe start doing it BEFORE you take a potentially life threathening course of action for the game. Ignoring how important multiclienting is for your playerbase is an example of how little the game management knows about the players needs, and so it was for the TCP removal, and the party matching removal etc.

  • ^^^^^^^^^^ couldnt have said it any better

    +1 for all


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  • Hey guys,

    In regards to Mods and GMs being around, as of now, apart from being busy with life, we're still getting used to the new forums. We're more active on Discord than forums at the moment, and we're aware of in game issues including DCs and launcher errors (yes, we also play). However, there's not much we can do about it at the moment besides forwarding information.

    That said, we're not ignoring you, we're just busy because yes, life. If you need to get ahold of us, the best way is to send a private message either here on forums, or on discord. Please do not expect any more information about the current issues from us than what Akher has already announced. We do not know more.

    Thank you,

    ~Your Fiesta Online Team~

    Ps: Here's the list of current team members you can PM - [Mod]Cresto, [SGM]Kuroneko, [GM]HoneyTeddy