[Maintenance] 02/20/19 - Discussion

  • So The maintenance for now has been pretty successful: New attendance items, free stack of luminous stone ports ect ect.. however I've found an issue already

    I don't know if this happens for everyone, but every time me and my friend decide to toss out the chocolate, we end up disconnecting. I don't know if this is some sort of troll from the peoples complaints or what, but it is literally chocolate from hell and wont go away!

    I wanna see if anyone else has the same issue.

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  • Yea, as far I could read on Discord it seems like we've gotten belated S. Valentine cursed chocolate... slimewut

    They can't be consumed, moved or traded and if you attempt to throw them, you will get disconnected.

    You're definitely not alone with this issue!

  • Does anyone know what changed about the 80-124 v day rings? I can’t work out the difference

    The quest [Valentine's Day] Florenz needs Consolation! for the levels 81-124 was giving two "Nina's precious promise ring" instead of one of them and its counterpart, the "Nina's desperate desire ring".

    I am not sure if the rewards have changed for those who have delivered the quest prior to the patch, but so far I can see that now the quest displays correctly one ring per type as for the other levels tiers of this event quest.

  • ahhhh Yes! That post was edited maybe since it first was released? It didn't say the specifics. That's true, i got two of the same ring on my chars that did it before the patch.

    Makes sense now, thanks Cupcake <3