Why did Pagel almost die and what can we do to thrive Pagel again?

  • In essence, drop the two servers. Move all to pagel.

    2 servers on medium or one on high and the other on medium, the game will survive, revitalize, and start to slowly pick back up.

    The wound is long and bleeding profusely, so its time to apply the gauze and medical tape and the Neosporin, lets get Fiesta back on track.

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  • Depends what you plan on farming! :) I used a 60ish archer in the tower with a noob for last hit on the iron golem to get 55 blue drops, which I think is the earliest set of blues that you really need. Or you could go 80-90 to farm in CC for 65 blues. Or if its mats you're after to help people with scrolls etc, spam kkp in 7x - added bonus of blue weps potentially too

    Oh, and happy to log my HK into eldy when I am able to get online to buff people :)

    think that tower only drop lvl 45 gear… :)

  • As I said before, Pagel holds no attractive advantages right now.

    For returning players or new ones, Isya is the place to go. Simply hiding the population status of course won't solve the issue. Logging to a dead server is kinda obvious and hard to hide.

    Originally from Pagel but playing on Isya right now says it all.

    No reason for me to go back to Pagel and suffer with non existing market, solo'ing quests, giving up on kingdom quests, unable to farm or do dungeon because of their difficulty/Party requirement and maybe not being able to complete a raid.

    Non of that sounds exciting really. Something that could make me go back is a big advantage.

    150 or even 200% permanent EXP and drop rate boost, not sure if this is possible but maybe a server-specific mob strength reduction, and remove kingdom quests' requirements.

    Easier mobs and better drop rate will definitely make me play there as soon as such things implemented.

  • gamigo just need to add a npc which sell SC items bundles for gems in pagel and server will full again.

    there are many way to make ppl come back or new players goning to pagel.


    so we can stop discussion, a game cant save if the HOST not willing to save the game, Gamers cant do anything about it

    Then gamigo or some ppl can come up with the argue , we / theynot hosting a game for not making money by selling sc items.


    but you cant make money either if the server empty or dead, first the server has to be more players active, make them come back than you can make money after

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  • That will simply shift the players from Isya to Pagel and result in them losing money. Nobody in their right mind is willing to do that.

    NPC selling SC items is not a solution and probably will never be without having a major impact on the game overall.

    Also, there are 2 other servers that are considered dead, not just Pagel.

    The solution must encourage players to move to these servers without affecting the overall sale. If you can come up with such solution there is no reason for Gamigo to not implement it.

    What I suggested doesn't effect sales majorly. I probably will still pick up a rant because 300% is better than 200% drop rate.

    As for charms, people will still buy them because it saves time. Weaker mobs will save time but using charms against weaker mobs is even better.

    KQ requirements has no impact what so ever. it is just annoying to have these requirements to begin with. It isn't an important change but will put KQs as a leveling option for these dead servers.