Questions about Xign

  • Akher wrote:

    What can I do if I get an error?

    * Please check if you haven’t installed any illegal third-party tool on the PC.

    * Please check if your client has not been modified or if you renamed any of your files.

    Does that mean that just having Sandboxie installed on your PC is enough to trigger this pos software? "illegal third party tool" is a strong word for a software that has many uses outside of fiesta. Can we have a list of all these so called illegal tools so we know exactly what we should unistall lest we find ourselves banned for running something harmless?

    Does the software also not allow removed or edited GRAPHICAL files (weapon glows, etc.) in order to reduce lags at raids or lower the chance of bin errors?

    Can we expect this trash softare to be fixed or removed before next patch on wednesday? Already lost a week of SC usage due to this and being unable to attempt any raid or significant activity. A compensation is in order considering a full SC setup even for just a week costs a LOT of money

  • Heyas my guildie .... :)

    About your questions...Installed/uninstalled SBie makes no difference imo, it never did, it was a fact normal Fiesta usually bined more then SBIEd one

    The only editing files Gamigo allowes is........editing interface, rest is not allowed

    As for fix???? well lets be real, game started crashing on Thursday morning (Gamigi time) it should have been fixed latest by Thursday evening.... yet as u see it is not fixed, no estimated time has been given, and yes we all loosing our Sc...... they dont care

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  • I have gimp 2.0 ? because I'm not buying photoshop adobe lmao. does that work the same because I make a lot of my graphical ideas and things that go within my pictures of fiesta related stuff, to put my events out to my guild and other things? does that somehow be illegal too? because I don't want to lose all my work. :(

  • I use *.txt file to store times..... is that illegal too?

    Will i be banned?????

    sometimes i even set up my mobile to beep when riads are up..... mabye they will take away my phone?

    Oh God.....

    *********Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.********

    Wiz - Tillla, theMage

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  • oh no what if my alarm and time counter clock under Microsoft's legal bagels will be on top of me NOOOOOOOOOO.... bwhaha.

  • yes but gimp 2.0 is free and looks and acts just like adobe photoshop. and I wouldn't steal a cracked version. that is wrong from the first place. because adobe lost the subscription charge. and that would be wrong see. anyways. as for the xginecode3. even if "p-servers" allow to use it. than xginecode3 is okay for it. BUT. right now I can clearly see my administration setting is open to allow xginecode3 to "check" to be sure i'm not using another program. such as; alarms and counter clock. (which is owned by Microsoft.) what else are they looking into? and why are they even checking throughout my computer in the first place? does that leave them traces within that over a game issue? because seriously if I lost anything "file" wise they had better realize they have gone to far. I have never ever seen any of the other bigger online games and I mean millions of people play those games. form a compact between the user and the game company that demands my "personal" items within my own computer. that right there makes the entire idea a problem within itself. seriously they need to figure this out correctly and make sure everything is green lighted before a user has to be fooling with their administration settings in the first place...