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  • This is a thread to exchange ideas and and information about Pagel. We can post about events on Pagel, why so many people quit pagel, how to revive/repopulate Pagel, and/or anything else you want to discuss about Pagel.

  • Overprice is the most reason, new player can start with over 20gems for a lvl 20+ 11 weapon and 300gems for 1 piece of gear. players killed their own server by themself.

  • The problem is that some things are designed to be done with plenty of people which isn't weird considering this is an MMO.

    For example. Doing raids. Even if I managed to gather the left over population of Pagel it probably won't be enough to get things done.

    Players getting treated equally across servers even though the servers aren't equally healthy is weird however.

    It is extremely common to see new/dead servers getting some advantages just to pull in players until its population is healthy again.

    Asking what these advantages are? Well, you experiment. There is no answer for this.

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  • People also complained about 0 competition on the server, the over pricing of gear's, the gifting rate. List can go on. Alot of people decided to quit to play other game's. I can't stress the fact that drop rates are horrible no matter what server your on. And in all honesty I rather just see a new version of the game at this point. But that will never happen.

  • After merge i was playing Pagel, switched to Isya like early last year, let me make few comparisons which I personally experienced.

    Honey KQ... 0 blue drops Pagel..... 5+ Isya

    KKP 0 blue drops Pagel..... 5+ Isya

    HRW 0 braces Pagel....... 3 Isya

    ES 0 braces .... 1 Isya

    Sorah 125+ 1 brace Pagel ..... 10+ Isya

    Mal norm, solo all 3 bosses 0 drops Pagel..... never seen 0 drops on all 3 bosses on Isya

    Id say its something to look into at least

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