[Maintenance] 02/06/19 - Discussion

  • From DE patchnotes (overview of Daily rewards of attendance)

    Hier findet ihr eine Übersicht der täglichen Belohnungen:


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  • KQ change is useful, They should change that about dungeon raids that give coins/tokens too. (Being dead when pagel dies = no CoC coin etc)

  • is there a log in bug again, patch error or just really bad lag? been trying for the last bit and keeps sticking at the server select. Then whats with the attendance rewards? Bring back the rewards we use to recieve with attendance

  • @sadanlonely

    Cant get past server select also, i clicked on join and relogged many times but would not work. I was afk for like 10 minutes and it got me suddenly in character screen but after that wont let me login to a character.

  • I'm pretty happy about the changes to BR! Thanks for that!!
    Also I'm glad they fixed the Bat Attire suit and to see the attendance return. The prices for the attendance however... Not too sure if they're that great..

    is there a log in bug again, patch error or just really bad lag? been trying for the last bit and keeps sticking at the server select. Then whats with the attendance rewards? Bring back the rewards we use to recieve with attendance

    I think the login servers are a bit overloaded, I could log in but I had to wait like 3 minutes on the server screen for it to go through and then again at character select.

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  • yea, tried waiting, even went to shower and still not logged in, a min ago finally got to the char select Oo i have a feeling gamigo's gonna do something

  • yea server seems good now. Now its the attendance, really gamigo, why do we need hay, floatation stones, chocolate bars? That has to be the worst idea of attendance rewards. Then the aura, sure good idea, but probably a 1 day. same with the t1 or t2 pots. Just a suggestion but add better rewards, Unless the floatation stones will give enough to get multiple items from the floatation stone npc

  • There should of been a heads up to Attendance event being brought back. Maybe this disaster could of been stopped or its effect have less dmg.

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  • LOL what's going on? What is that box full of trash?! Attendance rewards used to be costumes, mounts and other goodies :/

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  • The old attendance check system was quite good for the prize itself. If I'm not mistaken, a certain percentage of players could get a perm item in the form of suit or mount.

    Is there anybody in this company who wants to award players? (or they are guided by an idea to give something. but only trifles)

  • Overall a positive patch.

    I am happy to see the attendance event comeback, it has been a very long wait.

    I feel like the patchnotes are missing an important detail about the 20, 24, 28 day presence boxes we were used to get in the past attendance, so I will post Zao's answers in this regard:


    Basically there is an additional prize (unknown) for those who collect all 28 stamps (as in the past) but no longer the 20/24 days prizes (unless I've understood it wrong!)

    Something I've appreciated about the new attendance renewal is the time reduced from 60 minutes to 30 minutes and the concept of a free daily prize.

    What makes me turn up my nose are the choices of these prizes, which in some cases seem to be rather ... unattractive.

    It may seem ungrateful to say it, but I really wonder who would benefit from rewards such as "Floatation Stones" or "Hay" considering that the vast majority of the player base owns a permanent mount?

    Definitely there is space for an improvement, and not necessarily this does translate in requests of super-prizes for just 30 minutes of login time, but at least the choice of those daily items could be made between items who are beneficial to everyone and not just to a very slim minority.

    As for the changes made to Phinofly in the King Kong Phino KQ I'm glad they found a permanent solution to an issue who frustrated a lot of players, which was the sabotage of the KQ by killing the Phinofly mob.

    I'm also pleased to see that now players who joins a KQ and happen to be very unlucky to die the last minute are now granted their legitimate reward.

    +1 to all the bug fixes as well, is always nice to see bugs being fixed.

    Last but not least, how not to be in love with the new Burning Rock shortcuts?





    I do remember in ancient times a lot of people abusing a glitch in order to reach places where they couldn't access to reduce the navigation time, especially in the area on the top of Burning Rock where Gamigo has now introduced one of the two shorcuts.

    A quicker route in this map was really needed considering how huge this map is - I would have prefered a direct gate to Uruga-BR, but this works too.

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  • Liking the change to Burning Rock! Going to make it a millions time better :)

    Attendance rewards - I can't remember us getting a daily reward before, but then again I didn't exactly religiously do attendance lol. OK, so what they are showing doesn't look great, but it is free, and we shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth. The weekly rewards look ok. In the past these were only ever a costume for a week/mount for a day or whatever and the 28 day box gave you a chance at a perm (usually a costume). I hope that the chance of a perm has remained!

  • Quite honestly I think it would've been more effective to discard these daily rewards all together and leave the month reward a mystery like before. Seeing low tier pots, chocolate bars, and hay for your donkey is just discouraging in itself. I feel like a lot more players would log on for the old attendance layout knowing there is a big mystery prize at the end opposed to what we have now.

    I'm glad there will be a consecutive 28 day reward but, I wish it would've stated that information somewhere (I'm assuming they didn't in the patch notes from what I can see) since not all players will see the question Cupcake & Bert asked to Zao.

    Despite everything I am thankful for the return of attendance :slimesmile: