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  • "you can search all vendors on the map you're in (even with shift+z enabled to hide everyone else) and find all items that are for sale by players, the price, and even select a search button to find the exact vendor location."

    How does it work? I tried the shift+z but I don't know where to find the search button nor finding all the items on sale. Pls help. Thanks!~

    Select Mini House, Vendor, Search, select item you wish, then select search in store.. Keys..H then B will bring up search also

  • just hitting B will work often unless the game deems you inactive or you have something else open. you might see a message saying you can't open that function while you have something open......but you don't have anything open, so one way to fix that is go to character selection and just re log in.

    and you can use the vendor search in almost any map. if it doesn't show any vendors, that's because there aren't any open in that map, at that moment. I've gotten pretty good with that function, and with finding decent stats on items. people with money and the items to modify what they buy don't really have to look as carefully, since they can change the stats of what they buy with some degree of success.

  • ^^^

    If [B] doesn't work then you can either, get on a mount and off again, go into mini house and out again or just press [H] and click Vendor; should work every time

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  • I want to see stacks of materials go up to 500.

    I want to see Similar items (i.e. EXP Cards, Rants, Alchemy Boosters from lucky house) stack upwards to 10.

    I want to see Quest Items stack up to 10 - 100.

    I want to see Alchemy Stones stack up to 100.

    How's that?

    They did wonders with potions and scrolls, as well as stones...but left out the most crucial aspect of our gameplay.

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