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  • It's been a while since I played maybe since server merge and I wanna know what happened Pagel went from the highest server to then Isya and I transferred all my characters on to Pagel ; Would this mean I would have start over from scratch and also can anyone please explain to me what happened ; Did Gamigo just all of sudden decide to switch main servers and make everyone start over from scratch?

  • I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong but from what I understand, and this takes place over months:

    After the merge a lot of high level players ended up in Pagel but not many lower levels.

    A lot of players across all level ranges ended up on Isya.

    Players started quitting on pagel steadily after a lot of disappointing changes to capped/high level content and some other issues and most of the rest were waiting for the promised server transfer items.

    The nail in pagel's coffin was when they announced the transfer item was cancelled, and since at that time a lot of people had grown tired of waiting and had already started new characters on Isya by that time the difference in server population had grown to a point where the remaining players on pagel had 2 options: to make a new character on Isya or to quit until they changed their minds about the transfer item.

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  • meh, just me but, a server can be whatever a player base as a whole, makes it.

    of course there's going to be mechanics that reward a certain set of circumstances in gameplay and favors certain kinds of behavior, like teaming up or choosing the "evil" side of some faction etc, but i'll reiterate, ultimately it depends on how the overall player base responds to a given environment.

    even though i'm not particularly fond of the 80's pop culture i'll paraphrase an old quote

    "You have the POWER!!!!"

  • i agree with philzey that its what the players make of it.

    and kentomaru, i believe you are correct. most perms wanted to go to pagel and the people who thought they could get away from the drama of bijou xD but everyone else pretty much wanted to go to isya. not saying some others didnt choose pagel but yeah, isya always seemed like the clear choice to me o.o; i mean come on pagel a god of greed who wants to play on a server named after greed.

  • Well when I was in cypion everyone I know were going to Pagel almost 80% of Cypion population. So I looked into who was going there most were the capped, pvp and pvp perm and raiding people. So who were going to Isya were mostly the pve people, since i didnt want to see the same old people I decided to go to Isya. The other servers were irrelevant because I know the population was would be too low. So after the merge login to Isya and I was all alone not knowing anyone.Then little by little as weeks goes by I saw familiar faces from bijou, teva and few from cypion .

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  • I as guild master did not care what server. but I had to make a up mind for every one as a whole to stay with the same guild.

    it was a flip of the coin. and willing to live with it good or bad. PAGEL FTW and allways well be now.

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