Advent Calendar - Have you already given up?

  • I was talking about this topik with Lotis but she is leaving so I have to bring it here.
    Goodbye Lotis :(

    here is the short convo:

    Honestly at first i tought its just a bug but turns out we need to do that extremly long quest line for a single ticket every day. The same sht for an unknown reward. Sounds fair.
    Some of my friends already gave up, while others are having a hard time to do it (and yeah.. they are doing it only with a few char cause of the time)

    What about you guys? Did u give up? Also any idea what will we get as eward for this torture?

  • i just do the quest chain repeatedly because it's there, i'm a total sheep. i don't even care about rewards anymore, it's just more xp for me.

    i just watch and see if anyone is keeping track of the code, and i just do the daily voucher code instead.

    as for the math problems, i don't pay those any attention, i'm a bottom liner, the end result is what counts.

  • i gave up when i found out it was the same thing every day.. i have 12 chars.. that i wanted to do it on each... hell no. not gonna happen. i have work, sleep, eat, life. it ain't gonna happen, so i said screw it. also don't even know what it is for. doubt it will be worth it anyways.

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  • Well i gave up on most of my characters, I also wanted to do all 12 characters but I had to shorten it to 3.

    It takes too long, and its frustrating not fun. I plan to do a more comprehensive feedback of the event later, because there are some parts i like.

    I had issues logging on past two days those so I am behind by 2 days on one of the three characters and behind by 1 day on the other two.

  • just doing it on one got it down to 30 mins to a hr a day so pain full. lol but ok

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  • I didn't even start, because I could tell it would be more of a time sink than I was willing to devote and if you miss a day you're screwed. I'll show back up for events that seem worth it but this is not one of those events. ^^

  • Yeah i gave up. First i thought it's 1 quest per day so i was like yay and started to do it for 6 chars. That took ages but i did it. But when i noticed that it needs to be done every day from 1-9, i decided to stop. It's not possible to finish anyway when game is down 85% of the time.

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  • I have not gave up on the event, but I've selected only some of my characters to complete it due to holidays and personal life priorities who makes the time I can dedicate to this event rather limited.

    I'm holding my judgement since the event isn't over yet and the prize is still unknown, which makes it hard to give an objective feedback at this point - though I do believe it was better if the final prize was disclosed so people could decide beforehand if they are willing to do the event or not, or do it only on specific characters (this would have probably cut off the complaints a bit).

    I am appreciative that there was an attempt to offer a new type of event for this year, I can clearly see that there was some effort in planning it involving both the game and forum.

    With a bit of tweakings here and there, I am pretty sure it could be made less tedious on some tasks and less time consuming... the initial mess on the quest requirements/incorrect riddles and the DDoS were also huge factors who made the event unpopular.

    I am very curious to know the final prize though!

  • So.... after seeing the reward (thanks guys for showing it!), does it worth al the effort?
    Honestly now I know whats the reward I wish I did it only on those chars which one doesnt have +5 mount :/ free +1 mount upgrade never a bad thing

  • well i gave up after i noticed that it has 9 parts that needed to be done daily for a long time and with my work its imposible so yeah.....

    And seems i wont regret not doing it

    But for you guys i hope the mount at +5 will have a total speed of 300 or something like that so it makes it better than the stash of mounts ppl already have

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    I'm dying from this prize reveal.

    I feel pretty trolled. XD though I do need some free mounts... so I'm still doing it, but I need them on more characters than this, lol I mean remember the free archon mount, the quest for that I was able to do on 6 characters , it took effort and time and I remember barely finishing the last character before they pulled the event from game but I felt accomplished. This effort, can only do on 3 characters and getting the same reward as that quest XD I feel pretty trolled. I expected honestly something more.

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  • I feel trolled too, the prize has nothing xmas related, wanted something like at least elven green perm or some perm outfit/aura, not a mount that is not even christmas related cryhoney

  • Idk guys ... i kinda like it! Today i got my 13th ticket~ hope i can still make it to 24!

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  • I'm guessing starting today, we'll see a bigger decline in competition for spawns across Isya.

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  • Idk guys ... i kinda like it! Today i got my 13th ticket~ hope i can still make it to 24!

    im sure u will :) also u need only 22 not 24

    What's next?

    We decided to reduce the advent calendar quest by 2 tickets. In addition, the NPCs will appear 3 days longer so you can accept and complete the quests.

    In short, this means you must collect a total of 22 tickets to complete the quest and have 3 additional days to complete the daily quests.