simple question about current NA fiesta

  • I played NA at 105 cap and quit due to real life being more important. Last year I returned to find alot has changed. I ended up playing low level characters (up to 80) to get a feel of the game play.

    I found capping to 135 was tedious and well after 125 horrible, but that is not what i wanted to ask. After getting my 135 Gear for trixter i started to enhance the gear. That came to be very frustrating on the wallet. The worse one was the t4 Def bracelet. I purchased an enormous amount of the store stones to get this bracelet to 20 and after 220.00 dollars its still plus 14. I have sent in tickets and even saw threads about it in the past. My poor enhancement rate and after tallying up the amount i spent on this game in the 4 months i spent on it to cap was pretty high. Now i am not complaining about the money since I do not lack any. But after looking at that poor investment it made me quit the game. I want to come back and play but I guess the question i am asking is 11 months later Has gamigo fixed that poor enhancement rate? Is the game still kind of the same and what have they done with the dead servers. I personally have not logged on to check since I been out of country( military).

    I am in the process of building me a new PC so i can play my steam games and possibly Fiesta. My account is on the dead server so I am deciding to start a new account on Isya server.

    any info is helpful and thank you

  • The bracelet enhancement rates are awful. I'd stay well away from them it took me 4x goes for one +

    Gear/wep wise I've also found the enhancement rate, since the buffs, acceptable.

    Really the bracelets are just the hard part imo.

    EU version of the game however from what I can see the enhancement rate is the same on both versions. I have defo used over 2xx stones to get +19

  • I agree with the comment above, enhancement rates for this item are awful, this is something that should have been worked on in previous patches but that was overlooked due to more important matters. Same goes for the discussion on T6 items which was brushed off due to more important patches and updates. queenlove

  • hey thanks for the replies.

    now at redwolf, if it has been over 11 months and they still haven't addressed the issue because of more pressing matters that sounds like someone at gamigo is not doing there job. I am sorry to say that but it is unacceptable. that was a lot of useless money not well spent only to still have a broken enhance rate? the rest of the gear I did was okay, could have been better but okay.

    I would rather they gave me a refund and just put it back to plus 5 because that is where I started using the store stones.

    I guess I tried logging on today on friends pc but I d/c every 5 mintutes???????

    thanks again

  • oxidia, I do understand that this might be annoying for you, it is for everyone. The only way that we will ever get something done with Gamigo is if we all push together as a community. That way, we got old Roumen back! Who knows what we can get if we all side together?

    Also, the disconnection happens for almost everyone at the moment. The servers are currently unstable due to XIGNCODE and there will not be a fix before Monday as the developers do not work during the weekends. We should probably expect a dc fix between Monday and Wednesday.

    Unfortunately, I doubt Gamigo will give any refund on regards to this. Your best option would be to send out a ticket and see where it goes.


  • TheRedWolfFlag

    I understand that, I have sent tickets in the past about 4 complaining of the rate, but this is like beating a dead horse. I guess I will wait till they fix the issues they have then I will make an account on isya. till then take care and thanks!

  • Problem with Fiesta for me has always been the cost to play.

    I played EN, which was dead, so YES I HAD to upgrade all weapons, armour and jewels. You simply had to do this to be able to play the game, since there was only like 4 people at raids lmao.

    The cost to upgrade every weapon, jewels & armour for each level from say.... 95?! Damn, it's thousands.

    Let's not forget all the suits & shiz you needed too.

    Gone a bit off-topic but at the end of the day, rates are awful and imo RNG shouldn't even be a thing. Should pay a fixed amount for item upgrades.

    If Fiesta was cheaper it'd have a lot more players lmao.

    Discord = Special0294

    Locked out of my Skype :')

  • if you are having issues within the NA (isya) leveling you can choose classes carefully. not every single enhancement is used throughout your leveling. etc. when you do reach into the 120-135 than again you may choose to level via the repeaters. and mostly those are plants herbs etc. the biggest part of enhancing is for Fighters, tricksters, crusaders. the other three classes are basically free except maybe a shield for one and a weapon for the others. as for the rate it can be spotty. up to 3 its clear for all known elrue enhanced items the rest is of the gear you want to be looking into sets balances, whether it's feasible to be enhanced with great/godly/good or decent stats. because some of the higher leveled ones are hard to get into raids etc. and other places because you need more party members. if you do step into the isya area. feel free to enjoy your time. always look for helpers and remind yourself don't over spend cause yes even if you caught a great enhancement run (which I have several times) your cards may not always be a pair of rocket Aces. as it were. so be careful when you do use it. and rememeber some days after a big sale on enhancing happened. the seed tables may be empty. until you arrive I hope.