Iron Box Character Access

  • I purchased the Iron case + Iron box permanent yet only 1 character can add items to my storage last 2 pages.
    Is this a glitch or is it how it's actually set up?
    I don't really see a point in limiting what characters can post items in the shared bank since it's purpose is to be shared among all characters.
    If it's not going to change It would be nice to add a disclaimer saying only one character can add items.

  • aren't those bind on account?

    what they are saying is if you log onto your account, you may have a mage, cleric and archer. when you go to storage on any one of those characters, you see the same items on all three and all three can add and take away from storage. But they purchased the iron box which permanently open the back two storage's for good. But for some reason, whichever character that they happen to be logged into that opened the storage pack is the only one that can access the back two pages as far as placing items in All characters can take from it, but only one can add to it

  • Only the character to use the sc item may put things in. Any character can taking things out.

    This is not a glitch.

    IT has always been this way.

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