[Maintenance] 11/14/18 - Discussion

  • Like I said, you literally have to NO LIFE this game for 2 weeks to just get the house that only offers premium resting bonus.

    I'm good...

    I'd rather take advantage of the chaos and FARM my ass off...and have been doing that since.

    However...the only real gripe about this year's event rewards is the fact that if this is their way of saying thank you to players who've been around since closed beta...STILL!...yea, that's just like kicking me square in the unmentionables repeatedly with a cast iron greave.

    You really want to make your player base swarm and take part in this game again?

    LISTEN TO US for a change...TO THE FULLEST!

    and for gods sake, stop <censored>ing with the enhancement rate! Why did I need 227 t5 elrue to +3 an entire 115 set? Are you TRYING to infuriate us every time you release sales on "alchemy"? Get real!...stop it already.

    The coins need to be offered to us through a daily quest, rare af drop, and through already active KQ's as an uncommon incentive.

    You guys are straight up slapping us in the face and it's starting to get old.

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  • They'll never learn