Gladiator Questions

  • Since I can't find a more up to date guide, I was hoping someone could answer somes questions I had.

    What build do I go with?

    What skill enpowerments should I use?

    What stats on gears should I go for?

  • Build: Pure STR or 25SPR/rest STR

    Gear: High STR/DEX/END/SPR

    Empowerment: Depends on your play style (for me for example: DMG/CD/Dura on Devastate, DMG/CD on Power Hit, CD/Dura on Vitality, DMG/CD on Whirlwind) Probably will have to play around with them to see what suits you better.

  • imo a staple skill point is cd on all the utility skills and duration on devastate

    bone slicer
    power hit

    Then the rest of the skill point is up to you.
    I just continue adding cooldown on the other more often used attack skills. Whirlwind precise attack, tomahawk, dash

    You just want skills to come back faster o3o

    My build would be full str

    And for Gears, no matter what the class, except cleric, you always want End/dex, any other stats is just a bonus

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