[Maintenance] 10/30/18 - 02h00 (PDT)

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    Dear community,

    A maintenance will take place on 10/30/18 at 02h00 (PDT) [10h00(CET)] with an undefined end time. During this time, the servers of Fiesta Online won't be available. The patch notes will be made available after the maintenance.


    Your Fiesta Online team

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    "… and they were never seen again.” read BlackSky the ending of the most terrifying tale Akher, Ibaria, Lotis and Veralya ever heard. However, the show must go on! BlackSky pulls out the Patchlog list and continues reading the tasks they have to finish before the Day is over.

    Ibaria calls in the Monster License Delivery Service to get the pile of chests for the Island of Eya, Akher is doing some training and last polishing of the skills and accidentally put BlackSky to sleep. °-°

    Lotis is printing out some Icons for the baby dragons and Veralya is correcting a long list of text.. But wait.. Akher is out of control and puts everyone to sleep!!!!

    Luckily there was a mirror and he put himself to sleep so everyone had enough time to wake up again and continue their work. This was the last time that Akher was allowed to play with his wand – at least in the Headquarter!

    Client Version: 1.02.222

    Changes & cool new stuff:

    • Attention Monster Hunters! There are new monster weapon license available ingame!
      • Cursed Mandragora
      • Rattle Snake
      • Tainted Mushroom
      • Tainted Monk
      • Attacker's Statue
      • Protector's Statue
      • Frantic Golem
      • Predator Leader
    • You will now be able to see the Time and Date on your interface.
      When you send in a report the display has to be clearly visible.
    • The character block limit got increased from 100 players to 200 players.
    • You now have a new button next to the mini map which leads to the message board.
      Type any message you want others to read but keep in mind to stick to the in-game rules!
    • You now can also re-deactivate other players while being in vendor mode.


    • Some minor text errors got fixed.
    • Several mounts have their icon and portrait back and can now be happy again.
    • The event quest items Charcoal and BBQMeat got removed.
    • Joker Skill Sneak Attack can now be used again. Have fun!
    • Skill Multi-Shot function description got adjusted.
    • The cooldown time of the skill Bash got decreased from 6 to 4 seconds.
    • Several Crash reports got fixed.
    • Fixed an issue with the vendor closing confirmation window which made the first click do nothing.



    triplehit.png Slice and Dice 12-18

    • Increase now the aggro when damage is dealt to monsters.

    fatalshout.png FatalShout

    • The cooldown reduction for each set skill point got increased.


    4aD3VZ8.png Invincible

    • The cooldown reduction for 1 to 4 set skill points got increased.

    mightchop.png MightyChop

    • The damage of the spell has been increased.
    • The cooldown time of the skill got decreased. From 30 to 18 seconds.


    blindshot.png Blind

    • The SP consumption got decreased from 761 to 350 SP.
    • The cooldown time of the skill got decreased from 210 to 105 seconds.

    bombarrow.png Bomb Arrow

    • The damage of the spell has been increased.


    mesmerize.png Mesmerize

    • The cooldown time of the skill got increased from 40 to 45 seconds.


    7XH8zXB.png Claw Lunge

    • The poison damage of the skill got adjusted for each skill.


    finallight.png Final Light

    • The damage of the spell has been increased.
    • The cooldown time of the skill has been decreased from 180 to 40 seconds.

    lightimpact.png Light Impact

    • The damage of the spell has been increased.
    • The cooldown time of the spell has been decreased from 120 to 90 seconds.

    treat.png Illuminating Heal

    • The heal and regeneration heal of the spell got adjusted.


    Your Fiesta Online team