What happened to all of the Client/Screen Resolutions?

  • How come there's only one option for the client/screen resolution? Well, two if you click on the "Window Mode".

    Last time I was actually on Fiesta's client ... back in late 2015/early 2016. I remember seeing all kinds of client/screen resolutions in the drop-down menu. Now, I only see one which is 1024 x 768. What the hell happened to the rest of the client/screen resolutions? Was it removed in one of the past maintenance's or what? My interface looks like crap now with the different panels overlapping each other. I even changed my computer's screen resolution to see if it would change the game's interface but no difference. ?(


  • There are more, it's dumb.. o.- I run two monitors, and I noticed that thing has issues with the full screen/window option. it happens every so often to me, but what I noticed is I have to switch it to one of the other options (windowlessborder/fullscreen) and then try changing the resolution to whatever you use, then switch back to your desired state(window/fullscreen), and then restart the client o.-

    It's annoying work, but that's how I fix it. I use windowless border mode. same thing as full screen, but I can freely switch windows (especially since I use dual monitors)

    so yeah, check to see if you get more options after switching full screen on and off

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