Make abyss active again

  • I'm wondering if you're one of them players who would purposely block someone in a PVP area. Never letting them leave the map. I had that problem in the past while being in the Battle zone and had some random mage blocking me in there during the event of obtaining the Snow Slime Mount. :/

    two things

    1. Dying in abyss spawns you at the door to leave, so no worries there.

    2. This guy is a perm 6x end build cleric, so no worries about him spawning you. At the very least you can tank out his full rotation to open the door :)

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  • GrungieGirl27 if u will get mad that someone is rekting u in abyss then you should 1) leave abyss 2) come back stronger so you can rekt those rekting u. Thats how the game works

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  • lol called you out in uruga about you preying on new players trying to sell you "secrets" an old yo7 paid me a gem to stop lmao

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  • As an old 36 perm from back in the day, I have to say I 100% disagree with this. Perms weren't about 'rekt' nubs trying to grind. It was about fair PvP and friendly rivalries and just simply having a good time with good friends. The abyss community was never about the leaderboards either. We hated them to be honest. We had a nice little thing going before leaderboards came along, but soon after they did come along 2x was full of nubs spamming everyone in sight. A few bad apples and all that and suddenly perms were viewed as scum. There was even a guy who would PAY people for kill points. And one time I remember logging onto my mage in 2x one day to find some 36 fighter whom I did not know telling people they either pay him a toll to get into the abyss or he gets 10 kill points before they are allowed to pass. I got rid of him fast but how long had he been in there sullying the name of good honest perms?

    I'm not saying we didn't kill people for no reason. Of course we did. But mostly we'd kill each other. And this is the opinion of someone who was regularly either 1st 2nd or 3rd on the leaderboards. I often complained how my kill points total made me look like an asshat when in fact about 50% of them came from spamming exp from friends after farming, 49% was from 1v1s or PvP KQ and the remaining 1% was from PKing nubs. I made and participated in threads that were asking for the leaderboards to be removed. They became a name and shame list to most people at best, a hitlist at worst.

    So if 2x or indeed any low level PvP was to make a comeback somehow I would much much prefer it be without the leaderboards, or if they really do have to be there to get the perms back then I'd like the option to opt out of being included on them.

    I was there the day 2x officially died.

    What made 36 perming so much fun was the fact the PvP was as colose to balanced as Fiesta gets. Any class could kill any other if they were made right and used right. And believe me our perms were made right and used right. We built up one hell of a community in that abyss only for it to get torn down in one mighty stroke of the developers keyboard. Concussive Charge became 100% hit. Before then it was either chance based or aim/evade based, we could never quite agree. Either way it screwed Lv36 PvP. My mage could stand toe to toe with any fighter in that abyss and beat them if I got some luck with CC missing. Not anymore. Within a few weeks everyone that wasn't a fighter had stopped bothering to log onto their now pointless 36 perm. Shortly after the fighters got bored stunlocking each other and quit too.

    Want to bring back low level PvP? The very first thing that should be done is to revert the change to Concussive Charge. We got sick of being bum rushed with extreme force.


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  • Fact is whatever you did failed cause perms of all lvls are dead now and abysses are empty, so trust me my plan is gonna stay the same and when I say we will slay everyone in sight I mean we will slay EVERYONE 105 and under in sight with the 76 perm team I form. You couldnt keep perms alive, now its my turn, no matter how bad of an idea it may sound to you it will work and it will happen. If you can stop me make ur own 76 team but actually dont cause they will get melted like butter just like all the rest 105 and unders.

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  • No one needs proof you're practically begging for gems wanting to manage the servers currency etc.

    What more proof do we need? anyone with an ounce of common sense can see through your deceit.

  • heh, there's too many good quests and repeats in the low lvls for anyone to ever want to lvl in an Abyss.

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  • its a good thing gamigo increased quest exp by a big amount pre 80. They just need to do the same with 100+......Lowering it would not be a good way to bring back Abyss. Need something that benefits both sides well
    Unless they change abyss mobs to give exp equivalent to Pserver abyss' exp. then that will just more rapidly decline fiesta overall.

    i would really love to see abyss come back, but it is definitely a hard topic. A suggestion i would say is to offer an idea that isnt just solely on Abyss, that would benefit abyss activity. that sentence might've been hard to understand, but take pvp kq for example ig. Remember when that would end, then there were often times people in the end saying to meet up in abyss to continue pvping.

    Also if Abyss activity would give something that wasnt just pleasure to the few perms who are left.
    One idea is as i said previously, bringing back PK board, and having the #1 recieve limited edition 30day unique SC suits(hopefully looking badass) or some time of useful SC item(not 7day or 1day)

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  • I agree abyss used to be fun and competitive... half these players wouldn't know shit about the importance of +9 gear if it wasn't for the abyss days...with that being said post your kill points ;]

  • Noob yeng i never said to decrease low lvl quest exp, i just said add some boss that drops epic stuff in abyss so there can be competition

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