Window for tracking title progress stats

  • as title sugguests, would be great to have a new window off the title list menu to see see all the stats related to titles such as kills, deaths, quests done, chatting etc. Either for tracking your progreas towards a certain title or just bragging rights for large numbers.

    Something like:

    Shouting: 166/1000

    Hours online: 358/4272

    Deaths: 140/1000

    Kills: 109,000/1,000,000

    Friends: 54/150


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  • I like quality of life ideas like this one.

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  • I'm actually for this.

    I like the idea of being able to track my status quo to getting titles that aren't relatively easy to get.

    Hardest ones to get without being plvl'd are Invincible and the others below it...sure they're obtainable...but with lag and iOS bins happening...not really viable to get.

    Having a tracker for those titles would be impressive.

    Another QoL improvement that can be made is adding in LH Jewelry for 80 and 105.

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    Im all for this idea

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  • +1! Seen this in other games and it's great.


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