Rollback this latest update

  • You've killed the game with one update. Idk how it went so wrong nor do I care but you need to rollback lmao.

    You can barely login, and when you can login you get dc'd after 5 minutes.

  • Since players were indeed able to log in at some point and that some trades between players were made, a rollback is not possible. It would mean loosing all the levels acquired, money made and even though i do wish they would go ahead and perform one, this is Gamigo we're talking about and it would cost them more money to do a rollback then to try and fix the mess they did.. slimesad

  • Wrong type of rollback. Not what I mean. Revert the previous patch, this new launcher and Xigncode broke a lot of stuff clearly. Take it out and test it properly.

    I love how everyone is a developer when issues arise.

  • I agree. If there was a simple solution to the disconnection problems it would have been implemented by now. So, how about undoing what you did last patch making it possible to play again?