S> or trading a hg wand +12 (for similar hg staff)

  • 45G or a hg staff with similar stats

    str 23

    dex 45

    end 58

    int 56

    spr 28

    crit 8+3

    1 sock

    i really would rather trade it for a hg staff +12 with stats somewhat similar, end and dex HAS to be close. w/me ign is JonXD

  • i have a +12 staff 58dex 36end 40int

    ~Incredible Isya~

    InfamousShadow~ 125 Sharpshooter

    GambleTheFates- 100 Warlock

    ZaidosWolfsvein~ 6x Knight

    GraveDisease~ 7x Reaper

    HolySavior~ 3x HolyKnight

    Unknown~ 6x Templar