About Weapon Skins

  • Hi, today i got a Dragon Bone Claw weapon skin (25000 dura), but can it be changed somehow to a Bow instead? im not a trickster im a Archer :(

    I really lost the motivation to play when i cant rly do anything with this, i rly hope you will let me trade it for a bow type :(

  • few years ago if u could prove u used 100$+ and got less than 5 unwanted skins Soda would give u the skin u wanted

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    RIP Pagel ;( started on Isya :wacko:

    Lets see if its worth to Return :/

  • you have to deal with it sadly at least you have a claw skin for when you make a trickster

    I was unlucky when I tried for a bow skin with a class lucky box spent over 200 and got a xbox skin. My archer is a sharpshooter. That and I already have 6 characters one of each class on my account so I couldn't just make a new archer to get use out of it. I appealed to gamigo and in a nice why they pretty much said too bad.

    It sucks I know trust mr but you got something you can at least use.

    Since then I've been lucky so far I have a bow claws and wand skins. But that xbow skin just sitting in the premium inventory lol

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